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The Obamanation ~ Terminator III



There are more private contractors (mercenaries) operating in Afghanistan than soldiers. 21,000 more soldiers are being sent. The Afghanistan war is set to become more expensive than Iraq by next year. 687 innocent civilians have been killed by remote control UAVs in Pakistan, since 2006.

Big brother's GPS doorway census

jUS army has 116 predators ($3,300,000 each) and 28 reapers ($11,000,000 each); cia has additional units operating in unofficial warzones. The costs are likely low-balled: including control base, satellite gear, r&d and corruption, they probably cost at least 6 times more, not including usury and pilots, but they are priceless were the zooks to consider morality and God forbid - humanity.

"Next year's is gonna be a watershed year, we'll actually buy more un-manned aircraft that we do manned aircraft for the first time in the air-force's history."

"..this is so much more satisfying, because you know every time you fly every single day, you're having an impact on the ground."

"it has become central to the way we operate."

"..and that's what makes us more powerful.."

i'm gonna be sick.


At Thursday, June 11, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

I saw 60 Minutes segment on Predator planes, with the idiot journalist's gushing praise.

The segment made me angry because they never mention the extent of innocence of the targets.

Predator program amounts to a video game murder rampage in Real Life, from the safety of a coward's liar. Playing God.

I hope that come the war with Iran/Pakistan, Iran/Russia will destroy the fleet of Predator planes with homing missiles.

Glorifying Predator program to kill innocent civilians is a typical American perversion in playing with people's lives as CIA, U.S. military and corrupt powers in Washington do as utterly amoral beings.


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