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An Epic Rant from the Comments Section of Adbusters

It's always a good laugh to read the comments on here by the poor addled Zionist Jews of the world who think they are fooling us into believing that Zionist actually read Adbusters. 

These funny posts desperately trying to convince the world that there is any logic or credibility to the insane ideology of Zionism. As if there is some intelligent way to explain away their deep, deep racism. 

Not unlike the Nazis who made up the word anti-Semitism" to explain away their deep, deep bigotry as somehow scientifically justified because the religion of Judaism originated in a Semitic land thousands of years prior. By this preposterous logic they could have also killed practitioners of Christianity as well since it too originated in a Semitic land thousands of years prior. 

What's particularly rich is to witness, time and again, are these intellectually challenged Jews misusing the term "anti-semite" in an effort to portray themselves as a race when they themselves fought against the Nazis who misused this very word and tried to reinvent the meaning of "race" as justification for genocide. 

A religion is not a race. 

It's obvious now but for years Jews have actually convinced people that Judaism is a race. 

This alleged "racial connection" is their only claim to modern Palestine. Even if it were true, however, it would hold very little legitimacy just as Polytheists would have very little legitimacy in flocking to England and then declaring the island theirs because the polytheistic Romans occupied the place thousands of years ago. 

Here's the simple truth: Jews have a serious superiority complex. 

Sad but painfully true. 

Zionists Jews are the worst offenders. 

And they've been allowed to develop this sense of superiority into an outright genocide in the Middle east targeting Arabs in surrounding countries for the past 60 years. This is almost entirely due to the control of western media and it's nothing short of virulent Anti-Semitism. 

Practitioners of Judaism are not immune from well deserved criticism and when they engage in genocide and pernicious vilification of Arab semites they are guilty of the worst anti-semitism. 

To then post on this site about how everyone ELSE is "anti-semitic" for criticizing THEIR antiquated and racists behavior is not only disingenuous, not only grossly inaccurate and dangerously misleading it's a comically tragic commentary on the state of Judaism today and the profoundly confused people who claim to be "Jewish." It really is a referendum on Jewishness. 

Who are you poor misguided people powerfully caught up in your own egoic sense of victimhood -as if no one else has suffered in this world, as if no other groups of people have even mightier legacy of oppression (women, Africans, etc)? 

Me, me, me. Look at me. Boo-hoo-hoo for me. Is that really what you want your life to be? Are you really as racist as your posts on here portray? Are you really so identified with the twisted and ancient brand of colonialism being preserved museum-like today in the "country" of Israel - the made up country of "Israel" invented in 1948 to serve as a Disneyland for the well-to-do white followers of Judaism as a little reward for a war that took place in Europe? 

Are you really so uneducated that you can't see how inane you look desperately defending the indefensible? Is this what the "superior" people believe? 

Recycle "Israel" for peace. One state. No walls. Bigots go home to America. Refugees return to the houses that they still have the keys to and the whole world sighs with relief. It will happen in our lifetimes. Just as it did in South Africa. Too big to fail? We know where they gets people..  

- Anon


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