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Exclusive pics of the interior of doomed WTC Flight 11

Exclusive pic of the interior of Flight 11 moments before it slammed into the WTC's North Tower on 9/11.

And one from the interior of Flight 175 right before it was deliberately crashed into the WTC's South Tower. The Hasidic Rabbis are ecstatic because they're about to meet their G-d!

Notice the Rabbi blowing 'shofar' on his ram shaped trumpet, letting their G-d know to make way for some of the Chosen.

(Thanks to Grim Reaper for the idea)



At Sunday, August 16, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome, Greg

I can only imagine what the 'dancing israeli' video would look like to the world, with zooks trying to frame Palestinians for the crimes of their idol, satan. Perhaps zeekheim and the pentagon videos would be in order, or the activities of the penguin, er.. cheney. Just whip out mr. hankey regev, and it'll make all the bullshit a-ok.


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