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The Meyer Lansky Gene - alchohol/corruption in our DNA

download: Meyer Lansky Interview 1971 Sleeman Song

Jewish exploitation of the generosity of their Gentile neighbors is not a new phenomenon. Jews are in fact taught to deceive their neighbors, to spread plagues upon them, to steal from them, and to enslave them. The Jews are told that their ancestors played on the kindness of the Egyptians and borrowed their gold and silver, then stole it when they fled the nation. Exodus chapter 11 states..

The Bronfman Gene
shitanism: materialist religion
Before considering the idea to legalize the selling of alcohol before noon on Sundays, I would like to give you something in which to ponder. Having come from a home in which alcohol was used as frequently as water by my parent, and watching it destroy my mother's body and the lives of my other brothers, I have firsthand experience what alcohol can do. It is destructive.

I would like to personally ask Deanna McLaughlin to walk a mile in my shoes. I was a small child that was beaten, cursed at, went to bed hungry and often saw my mother sexually assaulted, all for the cause of alcohol. I watched my mother bleed to death because her liver was ate up by the poison of alcohol.

Many mothers and fathers have cried as their children have been injured or died at the hand of an alcoholic driver.

I ask Mrs. McLaughlin to reconsider her request. If she or others wish to purchase alcohol, then why not buy it on Saturday? The "revenue" will be from that day of sales.

In case anyone doesn't know this, I must remind you that Sunday is a day the Gentiles have dedicated to the worship of the Lord. Our own Lord said that it is to be a "holy" day.

America has so much to answer for already, why not at least honor the Lord by not legalizing the sale of alcohol before noon on Sundays.



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