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World Jewry Threatens the Red Cross and Lebanon

End Silence on Terrorists’ Endangering of Civilians, AJCongress Demands of the International Red Cross - 16 August 2006

The American Jewish Congress is demanding that the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) criticize Hezbollah’s positioning military assets in densely populated civilian areas. “If the International Committee of the Red Cross wants to effectively protect civilians, it will address this problem, beginning now,” said Jack Rosen, American Jewish Congress President. “If it does not, it should give up the pretense of being a disinterested arbiter of international humanitarian law.”
Source:World Jewry

When an arm of the world's leading terrorist state issues warnings to the Red Cross about Lebanon in ominous tones, it means that Apartheid Israel is about to go off on another rampage against Lebanon.

Still stuck in the midst of a 5 year drought, Israel is getting desperate to fill swimming pools and keep lawns watered. Having already stolen the Golan Heights springs from Syria, the Shaaba Farms springs from Lebanon and most of the decent wells and aquifers from Occupied Palestine, Israel is now hungrily eyeing Lebanon's River Litani.

Which means that Israel, a nation of soulless land thieves, racists, assassins, con artists, murderers, false-flag experts and bigots will do what it always does.... Invade, Murder, Occupy and Steal.


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