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The violent mutiny at Fort Hood spun into a fiction story by Zionists, Pentagon & MSM liars to promote Islamophobia & Neo-Communist/Fascist agenda

When I heard of the news about Fort Hood, my reaction was shock and disbelief that fatalistic violence occurred on a U.S. military base. And for what motive? Why would a Jordanian-descent man with an Arabic-sounding name be fingered as a guilty-before-proven innocent spree shooter suspect, who happens to be a psychiatrist?

Inevitably, Mainstream Media jumped into this tragedy with subtle gun control propaganda (total disarmament by revocation of constitutional rights) in full throttle.

For an alternative view of the tragedy, the post (at the bottom) has been salvaged for posterity before chance of memory-hole. That hypothesis may make sense because of the "redacted and quietly suppressed reports" there were the shooters numbered between 3 or 5 with the arsenal of assault weapons to destroy and maim the victims, which is not possible with (as reported by lying Mainstream Media) just a handful of semiautomatic pistols that require rotation of full magazine clips in rapid succession to annihilate as many targets as possible in just a few minutes of stunning shock of a sudden attack that transpired in panic, terror and chaos.

I know this from a minimal experience handling and target-shooting variety of pistols at the target range. Dropping the empty magazine clip to replenish with another full clip (8 to 12 combat bullets per clip) slammed in to fire with working precision (not jamming) takes a lot of practice to execute competently. It may not be possible to achieve with rigid determination in the midst of stress and chaos of violence. It takes steel-cold determination to commit an act of violence and mayhem that cause mortal wound and critical injury like this.

The cruel bullying of conscientious objectors who refuse to deploy by ultra-nationalist fanatics caused the mutinous few to rebel by striking at the core of the American imperialist machine with the furious counterstrike of violence. This is the act of fatalistic desperation by exerting psychological force to turn on the bullies. Whatever happened to the real perpetrators is hereto not known, whether they are captured or dead.

The cover-up has been convened with an official story to blame a psychiatrist, of Arabic descent, who just cleaned his apartment to be readied for deployment without indication of behavioral problems that could lead to outburst of violence. They found the suspected 'patsy' -- alive. Not dead as initially reported. And on a golf course, 'violently' detained by MP and SWAT teams. 2.5 miles away from where the carnage occurred. The 'patsy' is wounded but in stable condition as reported, under military guard.

As far as the truth is concerned, whether it happened or not as described above, the truth has disappeared into the mist surrounded by lies and cover-up facilitated by the powers-that-be leading to Texas law enforcement agencies and Fort Hood officials under the thumb of the Pentagon in coordination with the compliant local and national media. The above hypothesis is what I suppose happened, even though it's difficult to discern with a degree of plausibility because of conflicting and contradictory reports, but I do not know if it's accurate. Just a wild guess. Mainstream media pundits and producers, law enforcement, Fort Hood Army officers, U.S. Government officials, and others complicit in the cover-up are lying through the teeth to pin the blame on a lone suspect, with predictable hysterical attack on Islamic culture & religion like Fox News Channel and right-wing neoconservative blogosphere do nowadays to influence public opinion to behave with extreme prejudice against Islamic practitioners in America and overseas.

This reeks of a cover-up with the mainstream media going wild, gleefully reporting on the horrific carnage with the pretension of an authoritatively moralistic view while simultaneously calling for national disarmament in eventual modification or repeal of the Second Amendment and state constitutional provision on citizen firearm and defense rights.

It began with psychological violence and bullying of conscientious objectors (who vehemently resisted deployment to Afghanistan on account of a wrong, protracted, misguided war that have no effect on favorable outcome but continuous occupation and destruction of Afghan civilian lives to ostensibly control the access to Eurasian/Caspian Sea oil) in the Army in Texas that devolved to a violent mutiny when psychological pain became overpowering to the perpetrators who lashed out because there is no way out other than dishonor to self as unwilling pawn and death.

The mainstream media have no interest to even consider this hypothesis. It is a crazy and implausible "conspiracy theory" that deserves scorn and dismissal in their neo-Fascist view. The public have been deliberately misled and willingly deceived by the compliant mainstream media that is more than happy to play ball with the "insiders" who know what really happened but would rather cover up humiliation than admit the facts outright pointing to mutiny.

Case in point: Similar massacres led to national banishment of firearms in the U.K. and Australia in the mid-90's, within months of each other. Cui bono?

Case in point again: The assassination (murder beyond reasonable doubt) of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan and exaggerated claims about Jessica Lynch's ordeal as a rape victim-hostage in Iraq. Corrupt media, effectively called the Fourth Estate, played ball with the Pentagon in boldly lying and covering up the truth for maximum propaganda effect.

My take on Zionists' mammoth plan "Fortress Americas" hypothesis following de facto repeal of Second Amendment rights, dissolution of the U.S. Constitution, and established foothold of tyrannical power that destroys the remnants of liberty, property, personal freedom, and peace.

Mouser 11/06/2009

"In Washington, a senior U.S. official said authorities at Fort Hood initially thought one of the victims who had been shot and killed was the shooter. The mistake resulted in a delay of several hours in identifying Hasan as the alleged assailant."

The truth is probably something VERY different. For example:

'Two US privates John Smith and John Henry had been seeing a military psychiatrist major Hasan at Fort hood for a few weeks. Both privates said they were completely against the war of oppression in the middle east and would refuse to report for active duty if ordered to do so.

So the army put them both in therapy with Dr. Hasan. After more than five weeks of therapy both Christian privates were called to go to Afghanistan. Both privates warned they would not go and they would defend themselves with force if the army tried to force them to fight in a war they believed was morally wrong.

Yesterday fellow soldiers tried to surprise the two conscientious objectors but the privates were prepared and killed 12 soldiers who tried to force their way into the privates' barracks at Fort Hood.

During the melee their psychiatrist major Hasan, tried to talk the two privates into surrendering but he was shot twice.

Finally both privates were overcome and killed. Their psychiatrist major Hasan is in hospital recovering.

Officials of the military have spun the story to make it seem the privates' doctor (who has a muslim sounding name) was the perpetrator so that the public does not understand just how much resistance there is to the middle east war in the military rank and file.

The whole official Fort Hood cover story is 98% a lie - just like 9/11. Do you trust the main stream media for the truth in a story like this? Heck, for any story?

I do not.

Support the troops. End the war in the middle east and bring the troops home.



At Saturday, November 07, 2009, Blogger musique said...

excellent post, Nepos. Many thanks for the vid as well.

They must be running out of the illegal Mexicans to fight wars overseas. I wouldn't be surprised if this incident drive all the ever so brainy, Pat Robertstein certified "christians" to enlist and kill all the evil muzzies in those "troubled" parts of the world.

how interesting ... like the VA Tech shooter guy, Nidal graduated from Virginia Tech University. Do I remember Va tech being the play ground of covert NSA/CIA ops or something from the old WYFUS? hmmm

At Saturday, November 07, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

I wrote about the perpetrator of VA Tech massacre being a subject of mind control experiment akin to MK Ultra.

I might have to step back and position that the perpetrator was a very frustrated, angry and lonely young man who had to endure frequent rejection and perceived racial discrimination; he lashed out at the "society" with violence. Psychological and pathological hatred can be intoxinatingly powerful if there is no intervention or seeking therapy to avert extreme and tragic outcomes.

George Sordini is another pathetic man who shot up a fitness club to exert his virulent frustration of living a hopeless life in "romantic and love deprivation". Without love, life is not worth living. So that motto is true, albeit with tragic outcome.

Love deprivation, social rejection, and bullying manifest in mental collapse transpiring in psychological exertion that leads to violence by causing death of others by shooting, stabbing, vehicular homicide, bombing, and aggravated assault and suicide.

What happened at Fort Hood is likely a mutiny with the perpetrators -- assuming they are really the ones who lash out -- suffering from profound psychological pain as oppressed members of the Army that sought to denigrate and control their lives by intense pressure (through brutalization in dehumanization, like in the film Full Metal Jacket) to shut up and serve "honorably" in prosecuting the war (Peace Through Superior Firepower) regardless of the moral question of war in objection -- the concealed motives and lies about the real reason for continued occupation and exploitation of Afghanistan. We know better because the Internet have blown the lid on the real motives -- Euroasian oil and natural gas and imperialistic drive to contain Iran and other hostile nations designated "existential threat" to Zionist regime of Israel and U.S. interests.

I knew a former classmate in college who was a former soldier, and he actually quit the U.S. military because he objected to U.S.'s indiscriminate murder of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq (he is a non-jingoistic Mormon).

Jingoism has its price, and U.S. military establishment (Pentagon) have turned soldiers into the killing machine that ultimately turned on the "system" as the product of ultimate self-destruction.


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