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Israel's path to self-destruction

An excellent piece by Hassan Abu Nimah that argues why Israel's latest onslaught against a defenseless civilian population is a recipe for disaster. Americans better wakeup before its too late. Israel is headed off a cliff and taking America along for the ride.
The latest events underscore both Israel's true intentions and their futility. Israel never really wanted to set the people of Gaza free, merely to move the occupation to the edge, bombing and shelling them whenever they fail to do its bidding. Yet for all the brutality of Israel's attacks on Gaza's people, they have not buckled or wavered. They have stood firmly for their rights and behind the authority they elected.

Israel's pretext for its current onslaught is the "kidnapping" of a soldier. What happened though was that after weeks of Israeli killings of Palestinian civilians, including the infamous beach massacre, Palestinian resistance forces carried out a planned operation against an occupation military base near Gaza. In the battle there were losses on both sides, and one Israeli soldier was taken prisoner. No matter how strongly one opposes violence, this can by no means be described as "terrorism". People see it as an act of legitimate resistance which international law permits.

But even if we accept the warped Israeli logic that the capture of a combat soldier allows it to exact revenge against one and a half million civilians, then we could ask how many wars the Palestinians would be entitled to wage against Israel just for the civilian death toll of the last month, let alone the six decades of Zionist aggression and dispossession. How many wars should the Palestinians wage on behalf of the thousands of political prisoners kidnapped by the occupation, including now eight Cabinet ministers and one quarter of the Palestinian Legislative Council?

Yet the blame does not fall only on Israel, but also on the "international community" — the US, the EU and a few other states who have arrogated to themselves this label.

The US explicitly endorsed Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinians, which is strictly prohibited by international law, as "self-defence". The EU, always silent about Israel's kidnapping of Palestinians, called for the immediate and unconditional release of the occupation soldier, and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan bleated a few noises about "restraint" on both sides.

Israel's lethal outburst in Gaza cannot seriously be intended to free the prisoner of war. Israeli leaders must know that if anything, their actions endanger his life. Rather, its actions reflect a mixture of sheer panic and the realisation that Israel has run out of options to subdue the native population it has tried for so long and so unsuccessfully to crush and make disappear.

There is now nothing that Israel has not tried that the apartheid government of South Africa did not attempt when faced with the same situation. Except that Israel has gone far beyond the atrocities of the apartheid regime which never used assassination and extrajudicial execution so routinely and openly, which never established whites-only roads, and which never attempted to wall the black population into concrete ghettos.

Yet all of Israel's fanatical extremism is failing. It built high walls, and Palestinians tunnelled under them or sent largely harmless but terrifying rockets over them. They instituted checkpoints, but Palestinians get around them. They established racist laws to try to restrict the growth of the Palestinian population in occupied Jerusalem, but the Palestinian population continues to grow.

From the start of the Zionist project to turn an Arab, Muslim and Christian country into a European Jewish country, Zionist leaders calculated that the Arabs would simply melt away. Yet even after waves of ethnic cleansing, the "Jewish state" is faced with the unpalatable reality that there are not only more Palestinians in Palestine than ever before, but they once again outnumber the Jewish population. Israel is an ethnic minority regime trying to preserve its power and privilege against the will of the majority population.

Wise Israelis should, and probably do, recognise that this is a hopeless cause. All the might in the world will not suppress a people's will to be free, to live in dignity and to achieve equality. The capture of the soldier only underscores that; Palestinians know full well what Israel is capable of doing to them, but despite the calls for capitulation, there are indications that the vast majority of Palestinians opposes releasing the soldier unless Palestinian hostages and prisoners held by the occupation regime are also released.

The Israeli leaders may feel comfortable, even encouraged by either the silence or the soothing reactions to their aggression, expressing understanding of Israeli "concerns". They should avoid self-deception by looking beyond the whines of hypocrisy, appeasement, cowardice and intimidation. They should recognise that their deeds are taking them deeper into the abyss of immorality, lawlessness and violation of all norms of human behaviour, and that they are occupying the top place on the list of those who pose the greatest danger to world peace.

No nation can behave in this manner forever and be sure of respect or security, or even survival. How could this behaviour stop anyone from asking whether Israel is choosing the path of self-destruction.


At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds to me like the Israelis are the new NAZIS of the 21st Century, call it 'ethnic cleansing' or genocide. All it takes is a careful review of comments by Israeli leaders past and present (i.e. 'a thousand Palestinians aren't worth a Jewish fingernail', 'they are dogs who should be crushed') to the long string of U.N. resolutions condemning Israeli actions over the decades to realize the whole "Peace" process is in reality a "Piece" process of killing the Palestinians one or more at a time until they are no more and 'greater Israel' can expand its boundaries to the land "God" promised them. I always knew that mainstream media ignores this issue and Israel kills an average of 6 Palestinians for each Israeli killed but to collectively punish all in Gaza brings back VIVID recollections of the WARSAW GHETTO from WW2. Between this and the 'buzzing' of the Syrian President's home by fighters (can you just imagine what would happen if ANYBODY tried that against Israel or the U.S.?!!) it is clear they are using Washingtons insane policy of 'unilateral pre-emptive strike' to reach their goals. Add to this the U.S. bizzare Nuclear non proliferation stance( India ok, Pakistan ok, Israel ok ) and I am REALLY wondering what kind of icriminating evidence the Mossad/Sin Bet have against U.S. politicians that they continually bend over and say "Thank you may I have some more please?"

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New york would be too cold.

I'd suggest Miami Beach myself, for that new homeland.

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Qrswave Should Be More Specific For Info
(Mighty Thor, 5 July 06)

Qrswave, u know we patriots and white nationalists have at least grudging respect for ur journalism and a lot of ur analysis and commentary, but when u say Israel is taking America "over the edge" or whatever, as above, I submit u ought to be more specific. I mean we already know the USA-Israel relationship sucks and indicates a very low point in Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

But as I keep trying to explain, hey, topmost Judeo-oligarchs as of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see TheNewAmerican.com for extensive expo) have successfully perpetrated and achieved Orwellian "perpetual war for perpetual peace." Judeo-oligarchs are really quite satisfied.

Now when Judeo-oligarchs move to strike USA for next significant post-911 Terror incident, the likely fall-guys are provided: Muslims seeking the natural revenge for mass-murder of their people, hey--coming to a "theatre near u." THUS THE WAR IN IRAQ/AFGAN IS REALLY AND TRULY AIMED ULTIMATELY AGAINST USA.

Presently we strive to inform the people, but as many have observed, the Judeo-oligarchal MAMMON empire continues to roll along, the mighty juggernaut continuing to pay off the elder dupes their social security checks, providing their "opiates" of "bread and circuses" on the Jew-tube and mass "Jews-media," pornography, etc., not to mention the usual MORALIZING, full of the usual pity-mongering for the "persecuted" Jews, yech.

Things gotta get much, much worse before we can ever hope to inspire a real "people's mass-movement."

BUT WE (patriots and journalists) CAN INFORM THE POTENTIAL/prospective LEADERSHIP CLASS/cadre of any upcoming, potential, mass people's movement, that's for sure.

And we need to constantly remind and instruct the people regarding the necessity of INDUCTIVE LOGIC. Hey, "it's the Jews, stupid," as Ed Steele instructs and reminds us so well, for exmple, with his "It Wasn't Arabs..." (Nov '03) on ConspiracyPenPal.com.

Hey, did u hear Ken Lay, ex-CEO of ENRON "died"?--eliminated another witness, didn't they? So u see qrswave, people like u, who respect an OBJECTIVE truth, scare the Judeo-oligarchs, truly.

So I conclude we patriots are best occupied in instructing the people forthrightly regarding the essence of the Judeo-oligarchal conspiracy against all the world's peoples: THE ABOMINATION OF ZIONISM (hence genocide of Palestinians) BEGINS WITH THE TALMUD, worship of Judaic subjectivity (wherein God is slave to Jews), this subjectivity the common link then btwn Jews and gentile accomplices and co-conspirators.

Popular mass-movement will then most naturally follow as things become progressively worse (however long it takes), Judeo-oligarchs evermore winning their incessant "famous victories," as presently in Gaza.

Meantime, for us in USA, hordes of brown-skinned enemy races ("illegal aliens") continue to pour across US borders infiltrating American homeland even as we speak and write here and now, all consistent with CFR plans.

CONCLUSION: Yes, the Judeo-oligarchal (CFR) conspiracy involves more than just Jews, but Jews are excellent as distinctive markers for the smoke evidence leading to conspiratorial fire. CULTURAL RATIONALISM MEANS ANTISEMITISM for emotional vehicle--and we patriots must be brave enough to negotiate this antisemitic vehicle of the passions as it is necessary. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a sorry example of humanity in action when a group of oppressed, reviled people (Jews) tearfully cry, "Never again!" and yet turn around and take on the same role of brutal, racist oppressor that they talk so much about suffering under (Nazis).

Humans seem to be inherently doomed. Are we genetically programmed to be hypocrites? "It's good to be the King!" should be Israel's new slogan. Or maybe, "Never Again!--as long as it's not us!!!"

Humans are greedy, stupid, insensitive hypocrites who will create any double standard that suits them at any given time.

As Allen Ginsberg said (sang), "Hypocrisy is the key to self-fulfilling prophecy."

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US is already self-destructing. The US gov't already puts protestors in cages, forces book outlets like Amazon to drop "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III, and tap all phones ILLEGALLY. We are ahead of Israel in self-destruction. We're in 2 illegal wars with Arabs, Israel is only in one.
Support indy media.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov't will):

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We Jews can control the world because people like you are so stupid.

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Realistic Patriot Counterstrategy--Quite Possible, Never Doubt
(Mighty Thor, 5 July 06)

Well for that matter then, USA is already destroyed, the CFR (see above posting) already in power, steadily deconstructing USA national sovereignty in favor of United Nations. Observe CFR has "perpetual war" going nicely, readying now consummating 9-11 blow to decisively overthrow Constitution, Islamics to be blamed and played up by means of mass corporate "Jews-media," illegal aliens continuing to invade fm south.

What's to be done?--ck TheLawThatNeverWas.com site for such brilliant info on illegality of 17th amendment. We patriots gotta work fm "grassroots," as usual, urging state legislators to select real US Senators, instantaneously removing one large group of conspirators.

Jews (and suckalongs among gentiles) of course will volunteer to "help," but must be rejected, Jews to be confiscated and interned--but for that we patriots would surely have to mobilize something of a mass-movement, possible to Christianity, but surely still needing some prep-work, like in pointing out how Christianty is necessarily and essentially antisemitic.

So I'd submit strategy must be to enhance antisemitic movement by means of Christian rationalism, leading then to further anti-subjectivistic movement, in this manner nailing then the gentile collaborators, co-conspirators, and accomplices--like the CFR.

CONCLUSION: Hence counter-strategy must be (1) a rationalist antisemitism in general with (2) specific measures like above-mentioned genuine installation of a real US Senate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The counterstrategy need not include "rational antisemitism", which means "rational racism".
I should not need to say arabs are semitic, and have been the target of "rational racism" for a while now.
Anyone here hate Chomskey because he is semitic? I have no problem enjoying jewish writers, composers, and the company of Jewish friends, while being discusted by Israeli politics, and most Israelis (surely not all) I try to talk politics with.

Democracy was two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner... now it's something even less, but dissing that sheep won't get you anywhere. In Israel there are concerned citizens just like in the US, and furthermore there are many victims of propaganda, like in most American families... What fate would your parents deserve for believing in bush? Not death I hope.

Every generalized racist comment presented by Israels enemys, just makes Israel stronger... they have a monopoly on hatespeech

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel has no right to exist. The entire globe would be better off without Israel being in it. Israel is a malignant cancer that needs to be removed from the body of the world. None of us will be able to enjoy peace as long as these sociopaths slime across the planet, destroying everyone and everything in their path.

They are unmitigated terrorist hyocrits, criminal Khazarian mafia, as well as sociopathic monsters that make all famous serial killers look like a walk in the park in comparrison. Anyway, why is it that Jeffery Dahmer, Charely Manson, Casey or Gilmore Et Al,. are removed from society? Oh because they are destructive monsters with other peoples death and destruction on theit mind? Hmmm, Israel is MUCH WORSE ON ALL COUNTS. Seems to me Israeli's should have no more rights to perpetrate malice as any other sociopathic beast. Act like a genocidal serial murderers worse than all murders before them combined...Rob others of their peace and humanity, makes Israelis prime candates in the Guiness Book of Records as being socipathic assholes supreme. Hence they do not have the right to exist. Monsters lose those rights by BEING REMORSELESS DESTRUCTIVE BEASTS. And it ain't anti-semite to call cancer malignant, nor to take a course of action/treatment to cure the body of the world from the cancer spreading any further. Cancer has no rights. It is a destructive deformity.

The day Tel Aviv is turned into green glass is the day the world body can start to heal from its tenicled cancer spread terrorism.

That would be the only way the words "War on Terrorism' would have any true literal meaning. As they ARE THE TERRORISTS OF THE ENTIRE GLOBE.

Pls all nations with the means, take aim and fire. Stop these terrorists. Do the world a favor.
Tel Aviv would look so much nicer as green shiny glass. Israel has lost its rights to exist as they are more criminal than all criminals combined. They are the source of the worlds misery. End all the suffering. Serial killers without consciences cannot be reformed.

Off with the vipers head.

Only then can we all sigh relief. Only then can we heal all our lives for the damage the vipers inflicted, especially the people of Palistine.

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotta agree with the last poster.

when we have the 2nd american revolution, the rules will be much different.

term limits, the concept that your body is yours to do as you will. death penalty for gov corruption.

things will be much better then

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

wow. Not advocating nukes here - just some sanity as opposed to unmitigated brutality and constant hypocrisy.

I agree with anon, Thu Jul 06, 12:11:28 AM EDT.

"Every generalized racist comment just makes Israel stronger."


At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should we care about some dim-witted muslem ragheads? The outcome there is not in question; race-mixed palestinians have no more of a chance to succeed than the american indians had a chance of stopping and reversing the European Settlement. "Truth will set you free!" - well the truth is that Israel is the outpost of the European Civilization in the Middle East and as such is the regional superpower in that region,
a modern day Sparta keeeping under control the swarthy and dimwitted descendants of Helot slaves of antiquity.

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anti-Racism--Part Of Jew Disease;
Racism--Part Of Necessary Cure
(Mighty Thor, 6 Jul 06)

Well qrswave, u need a leg to stand upon when u speak such platitudes as u give like, "Every generalized racist comment...." What makes Israel strong is subsidizing them which we gotta simply cease and halt, u know. Otherwise racism is obvious virtue of pride and loyalty--if it's not, u need to make an argument which is logical, etc.

Note one of the great problems of USA presently is so-called "Christians" (The "Judeo-Christians" [JCs] as exposited on Whtt.org), who worship and collaborate w. Jews, these JCs led by such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

And what do u do qrswave?--u do the same thing worshipping Jew religion (complex) with ur absurd anti-racist posturing--do u even think about what u say and do?

Still this was a great blog, esp. with that moron just above at 12:27 PM pretending kikes are like Spartans.

In order to generate the necessary antisemitism to stop the Jews--which will surely require nukes--we patriots must understand a cultural-psychologic sea-change. Thus to successfully reject Judaism requires rejecting the heresies they hide behind, like this idiotic anti-racism by which so many have been lobotomized

CONCLUSION: Successful antisemitic revolution requires HONESTY which requires RACISM and all other natural and rational virtues. It's a matter of health against the Judaic disease-of-opportunity presently afflicting the Spenglerian "Decline of the West." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel has been nothing but trouble since it's inception. Americans MUST be made to understand that it is OUR support of Israel that has destablized our natural security and respect among nations. Without Israel, and our support of it, we would not need to fear terrorist attacks. Israel is sucking nearly $4 billion a year from the federal tit, PLUS gobs of US military hardware. Are we so stupid to think that Arab peoples do not see this? What should we expect when a monster uses weapons on a people that are stamped: Made In USA?

The first step: BAN AIPAC. Disguised as a political lobby, AIPAC is nothing more than a covert operation to deliberately influence US foreign policy towards Israel. They have been caught spying on us repeatedly, and they continue to deny their treason and remain unapologetic. They simply have to go.

Second: Cut off ALL AID to Israel and other middle eastern nations. In this respect, no one can say we are biased in support of one over the other. Besides, with Israel's money suckers removed from our annual budget, they will begin to whither on the vine, and they KNOW IT.

Israel is NO FRIEND to the United States, no matter how the media spins this relationship. They spy on us and sell our secrets to foreign powers like China. Our continued support of them is courting serious repercussions as hatred for them is extended to us for doggedly supporting them. CUT ISRAEL OFF NOW.


At Friday, July 14, 2006, Blogger LanceThruster said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the posters who recognize that hatred towards Jews (as opposed to rational criticism) merely allows Zionists to justify their actions. Pro-Zionist forces shape the argument by declaring Jews/Israelis working for peace and justice are self-hating or traitors to their people/nation, which is nonsense.

Just as to oppose the Bush misadministration is not anti-American, to point out the abuses that stem from the Jewish/Israeli claim of exceptionalism is in no way anti-Jewish. There are truth-tellers within the Jewish community that we would all do well to emulate. Professor Norman Finkelstein is but one of many courageous voices of Jewish heritage.

If we denounce the doctrine of collective punishment of Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims, it is only just and fair to insist on the same standard for Jews/Israelis.

I hope that reasoned discussion of these issues might eventually lead to a lasting resolution of the conflict.

At Tuesday, September 16, 2008, Blogger Nemesis said...

Generalized Set…The Fact about the Jews
It is extremely refreshing to hear folks actually acknowledging the FACT about the present day Jewish power brokers who control America's media, government, financial institutions and probably the water we drink. These Jews are in fact Ashkenazi Jews and have no tangible relationship to those acreages called Palestine and Israel. History has shown us time and time again the Jewish agenda and the masterful conjuring tricks of the Zionists who have used lies, deceit and obfuscation to feed their greedy little palettes. –
No surprises there. I also want to take this opportunity for the first time to disclose something to you all. This is something that results from years of study and although it has some fairly subjective leanings, it is essentially rooted in anthropological objectivity. The phenomenon I want to discuss is called "GENERALIZED SET" It is a term which my partners and colleagues alike have been using for almost 25 years but due to the censorship of mainstream media, it has been difficult to disseminate this terminology to a wider populace. I implore you all to begin using this expression when referring to Jews.....So WHAT is "GENERALIZED SET"? Well, we all know that all races have certain physical characteristics. And in all races and cultures ( except one) we find beauty in the features whether that person is a negro, an Indian, Celt, white Russian, Anglo Saxon, Asian, in fact anywhere on the planet you will find physical differences earmarked only by their own personal and dignified beauty.
The exception of course, is the Jew. Have you ever really looked closely at Jews? Do you notice that there is an ugliness about all of them? However this isn't the kind of ugliness which the mainstream media has always sectionalized and marginalized through Hollywood such as the guy with the big nose or the fat lady who brings the house down with every utterance. No, not at all. The Jewish ugliness stems firstly from the eyes, or more precisely the "SET" of the eyes which can often be so close together that you couldn't fit a blade of grass between them or eyes distanced widely to give a slightly deformed mongoloid look. It is this positioning of the eye more often than not coupled with the shifty disposition of the eye itself, which accounts for approximately 60% of "GENERALISED SET."
The eyes of the Tyke also contain an intensely festering, calculating gaze, which betrays even the most mixed Jew to his "Goyim" audience. Secondly, we turn to the nose. It has always been a byline that the Jews have big noses even though some Celts and those from other white races also have large high bridged noses. There is a typical Ashkenazi nose which is larger than average, often hooked or having a hooked appearance around the nostrils and can be seen in notable Yids like Larry King and Alan Greenspan ( two Tykes whom I might add), contain almost 100% "GENERALISED SET"!! However, once again it is not the shape of the nose that gives the game away, rather it is the placement of the proboscis on the face in relation to the other facial features, a placement which always looks makeshift- not correct, as though made not by the hands of GOD but one of Santa's little helpers the morning after a "bender."
Coupled with the patchwork eyes, the nose on the Yid form a formidable part of the phenomenon known to the Initiates, as "GENERALISED SET", - a proportion intrinsic to the filthy Yid alone!! NEXT TIME YOU WATCH --news from the war torn Middle East, compare the heads of say a Palestinian, or Arab with that of a Jew. Arabs can have hooked noses, Arabs can have intense dark eyes, but they have no "GENERALISED SET". Their features are grounded with some sense natural proportion. Yes, there are I suppose, good looking and not so good looking Arabs, as in every race, if we loosely defer to Hollywood stereotypes but again, I emphasize to you all, no set of physical features common to every race of peoples on this planet, can come within a thousand miles of that root of all true ugliness -- the generalized set on every stinking, conniving Yid. Let's continue on our Tyke facial tour. THE MOUTH!! This is a highly potent tool of the Yid. From this hideous facial chasm coupled with his penchant for writing "gobble de gook," the Yid has been able to dupe and beguile all other races throughout history. The Yid has actually been "Talking in Tongues" since the day of his hideous inception. So is there little wonder, that the mouth of the Yid also has a disproportionate element and one that it also integral to the makings of "GENERLALISED SET." The mouth of the Yid is often so disproportionately wide and crooked, that the Yid seems to grapple deeply with the simple act of smiling. Notice that when any Yid tries to smile, it is only the mouth that changes shape. In other words, there is little reinforcement of the intention from the other facial characteristics. The eyes always remain inert. It is a reptilian smile- most probably representing reptilian intentions!! The Yid mouth is also given, more often than not, to slobbering. This could be due partly to physiognomic deformity, or perhaps by the arrogant, dismissive demeanor of the perpetrator. Either way, the Yid mouth is an embodiment of universal ugliness surpassed only by the filth which is jettisoned from it.
We now arrive at the ears. Take a good look at Ex New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. Notice the outwardly protruding pointy ears. The ears of the Yid are often unusually large…a daunting observation and one that continually eludes Anthropologists, mainly because Yids are so set in their ways, that they have little time or motivation to listen to others and therefore have little to no use for hearing accessories. The pointy, elf like characteristic is almost ubiquitous on the ears of Yids. Again, Greenspan, King, and Spitzer…100% Ashkenazi Yid…100% “GENERALIZED SET” !!!!

THE SKULL. The generalized skull shape of the average Yid is also an abomination. The skull shape more often than not exacerbates the sense of “GENERALISED SET”. Particularly around the eye and upper cheek cavities. In fact, some scholars have even surmised that the Yid skull may have extra terrestrial origins. This is an area that may be worthy of further erudition although due to the hazy nature of so much antique history, it is perhaps only through the most notable archaeological endeavours that we might be able to learn more about the exact origins of “GENERALIZED SET”
I must concede that it is inevitable that I will receive intense criticism for comments during this essay. Criticism is always welcome however, your denial of my right to have an opinion, is not!! For skeptics, simply consider this. For two thousand years, the Yid has been indoctrinated to “go fourth and multiply,” to mix with other races and acclimatize to other cultures whilst always preserving that part of him which is essentially Tyke. “GENERALISED SET” shows in no uncertain terms, the potency of the Yid gene. It matters not whether a Yid is a German Yid, A British Yid, and American Yid or a Negro Yid. Because behind the fronted race, there is always some generalized set. Even a white man, who is one eighth Yid, will bear some of the trappings of generalized set no matter how slight or ostensibly subtle.
Finally, hope you all found my essay on “GENERALISED SET” interesting. I will be posting some more essays soon, most notably on the Grass roots foundation “Yid Watch” an organization dedicated to the destruction of the “Tyke Empire” for the benefit of all peoples of the world!!

Yours faithfully



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