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In GOD we TRUST - all others pay cash

I don't know anyone who hasn't heard the phrase before. Indeed, everyone seems to live by it. But, have you ever considered what it means?

More often than not, people invest with money; the stock market does not accept bread or building material or rice (remember, In God we trust, all others pay cash);

People who do not have access to money (e.g., farmers, bakers, carpenters) must work in order to acquire money to invest elsewhere.

Now, they will not work unless they get paid money. They too do not accept bread or building materials or rice (again, In God we trust, all others pay cash).

Apparently, it's not GOD we TRUST - but the CASH!

But, WHY do we trust the CASH?

Do we know:
  1. what exactly 'money' is?
  2. who controls it?
  3. and, how it is issued?
Answer Key: (1) an IOU; (2) Private Banks; (3) by Fractional Reserve at Interest.

So, tell me again, why do we trust the CASH?
Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. --President James A. Garfield
As I (and many others) have already demonstrated, an interest-based, fractional reserve monetary system is mathematically impossible to sustain—making it completely without redemption.

As long as our money is treated by private bankers as a commodity leveraged to enrich themselves, rather than a tool to benefit the public as it is supposed to be, all the prudent investing and economic efficiency in the world will not avail us.

To rid ourselves of our misery we must abandon our blind trust in a corrupt, private, interest-based monetary system and restore our trust to where it belongs--in GOD and eachother, as EQUALS.


At Wednesday, December 28, 2005, Blogger yusuf chun said...


At Wednesday, December 28, 2005, Blogger cyclone said...


On top of it as usual.


At Wednesday, December 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

should we barter instead?

At Wednesday, December 28, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

Barter as often as possible.

But keep in mind, the government requires all taxes be paid in cash. Of course, you only pay income tax if you make above a certain income level. But, if you own property, you'll have to come up with the taxes.

While it may not be possible to avoid the system altogether, the key is to mitigate its adverse effects on our lives and to work towards educating as many people as possible about the problem.

Only then can we begin to solve it.

At Wednesday, March 26, 2008, Blogger puneet said...

nice observation .but we can't deny about the fact that in todays world money is essential part of our life .every thing even you can't even worship god without being paid.

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