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I've got a PLAN

I came across this quote from a bulletin of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:
Modern monetary systems have a fiat base--literally money by decree--with depository institutions, acting as fiduciaries, creating obligations against themselves with the fiat base acting in part as reserves.

The decree appears on the currency notes: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private."

While no individual could refuse to accept such money for debt repayment, exchange contracts could easily be composed to thwart its use in everyday commerce.

However, a forceful explanation as to why money is accepted is that the federal government requires it as payment for tax liabilities.

Anticipation of the need to clear this debt creates a demand for the pure fiat dollar."
So? You ask.

What's the plan?
Compose exchange contracts to thwart its use in everyday commerce.
Replace THEIR monetary system with an interest-free one we can trust--a network of people who know that only people make money--not vice versa!
Meanwhile, make only enough of THEIR money to get by, i.e, not enough to tax!
Eventually, we won't need their money AT ALL and they'll have to tax eachother if they want to get rich!


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