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Deer in Headlights

What's wrong with America?
Is [s]he too stunned or stupid to understand
[s]he doesn’t really have to stay there?

Or does [s]he know full well
what [s]he needs to do, is [s]he wondering
why [s]he can’t and what in the world
is the matter with [her], does [s]he reckon

[s]he might deserve to die, if [s]he can’t even do
a simple thing like jump aside

--Jim Standish, Stanford University
Now that the hemorrhaging from debt is accelerating, will Americans have the courage to do something - anything - to mitigate disaster?


At Monday, February 27, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Evaluating Historical Moment: How Exciting!
(Mighty Thor, 27 Feb 06)

Qrswave, surely u remember I answered this exciting question for u: FOREST FIRE(s) MUST BURN ITSELF OUT. God's will (determinism) prevails over the mightiest efforts of Men and maybe a few good females too, though it is rare, sometimes, if they (females) try hard and God grants them grace. "Miracles" might occur, eh?--at least so it seems for children who still find life so curious.

Note we simply must pick up patterns of whatever cycles are active. Monetary "collapse" can work both ways. Oligarchs will try to start wars to cover their escape fm looting the nation. Lower-level Jews will fight a military action as it is reputed they did in Poland during WWII, for example. The strategic-socoiologic pattern is clear fm history.

But if we Christians are smart, we can perhaps manage to enact a Constantinian-type Christian cultural revolution. WE MUST IMPROVE UPON ADOLF HITLER WHO WAS ONLY ABLE TO RALLY A SINGLE NATION: We must rally an entire culture, the West, or Christendom.

U Muslims likewise must rally ur great and mighty culture against a powerful foe, so far invincible in this cycle of the "Decline of the West," by Spengler, the Talmudistic conspirators--yes, working with accomplices among the gentiles.

Same basic cyclic rules of behavior hold for the Muslim culture, presently at this time much beset and horribly aggravated by the Jews and cohorts. But we must note that what Jews are doing now with Palestinians they will do to the whole world--and THEN WE REMIND PEOPLE.

Muslim and Christian must RATIONALIZE their cultures against the hearty enemy, the Judeo-"Sadduceans."

In Christendom, we patriots must wrest and pry our elders fm the grip of the Judeo-"Sadduceans" by, for one dramatic thing, emphasizing THEY LOST WWII--whence only Jews and communists really won.

By means of breaking this informative news about simplest history and WWII (World War II), WE CAN BEST AFFECT THE ELDER CLASS and even also that faction of Bush II backers, the "Judeo-Christians," a gross oxymoron. (See Whtt.org.)

"Judeo-Christians" only need to know that CHRISTIANITY IS NECESSARILY ANTISEMITIC. By championing the Jews in any way they are gross traitors, apostates, heretics, scum, filth--gosh, what more could I say?

Hence dear qrswave, such complexity of possible sociologic behavior-activity leads me to SAFE CONCLUSION the "forest fire must basically just burn itself out." We humans can only then calculate, analyze, reform our plans, and try, try again, blogging, blogging as we go. Such warfare is basic to humanity, and we must not fail.

Presently, I'd say we should emphasize the basic metaphysical problems, issues, and principles: a productive economy needs a serious and reliable RULE-OF-LAW by which contracts are respected to necessary extent for economic enhancement and real production. This rule-of-law will benefit all peoples except Jews and criminals (like the "Sadduceans") and potential gross conspirators.

Thus the "Constantinian Christian revolution" must be parallel with A DISTINCT RATIONALIZATION fm present criminal chaos and Talmudic treachery built upon SUBJECTIVITY.

Thus Constantine the Christian must symbolize an improvement over the tragic hero Adolf Hitler who only rallied a nation: we must improve to rallying entire cultural levels involving all peoples. Constantine and "RIGHT REASON," art will complement logic, science, and the rest of the culture.

"Religious" revival must and will serve REASON, both balanced, achieving integration hence harmony--just another phase of the cycle. But all the while it will be consistent with nature, after the "forest fire has burned itself out"--we won't know it until the moment has long passed, and we see we're still alive. Then we'll know victory in hindsight. Thus life is determined and so dramatic at the same time. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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