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You stab my back, I stab yours

Israeli Cabinet Minister Meir Sheetrit . . . called Putin's remarks an "international scandal" that amounted to "stabbing Israel in the back" . . . "Russia should be removed from any negotiations in the Middle East."

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"I think such a thing will in general give legitimacy to international terror and, specifically, the rise of Islamic terror." [Netanyahu]

"We think countries in power can decide for themselves what kinds of positions and policies they can take." [Hamas]

"Hamas is in power, this is a fact," [Russian Defense Minister Igor] Ivanov told reporters at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Taormina, Sicily. "Sometime in the future, many leading states will start supporting Hamas and have some contacts."
Expect a deadly response from Israel against Putin in retaliation for his defiant support of Hamas. Or, expect a fresh "terror" attack in Israel to justify back-pedaling by Putin.


At Saturday, February 11, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

According to Judicial-inc.biz, the Israelis already struck at Russia w. the Beslan attacks.

It's the Jews who are the problem, unquestionably. Apollonian


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