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Showdown in La Paz: Morales Castigates US

Diplomatic relations are swiftly deteriorating between the US and its Latin American neighbors.
The United States is executing a policy of open provocation and aggression against Bolivia, President Evo Morales denounced on Monday.

[Morales] denied that his government is seeking to worsen relations with the United States, and asserted his administration practices the culture of dialogue.

He said that he expects [Washington] to put an end to provocations "against our government and our people", adding that the time when some ambassadors and companies could impose themselves and their views on Bolivia is over.

If this country was no oneĀ“s land before, it now belongs to the indigenous peoples, the absolute owners of this noble land,
and we will have our sovereignty and the territory of our country be respected, added the statesman.

[Morales] pointed out that it is unacceptable for the United States to ban officials or lawmakers from his administration from entering the country, as was the case of Basic Service Deputy Minister Rene Orellana, whose visa was denied last week.

It seems that to enter the United States one has to be corrupt or a mass murderer, said Morales, who added that in those cases you can even be protected by the US government.

Not only are you protected, you can even be appointed for a second term as president!


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