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SUV liberal + Citigroup=Scary

Where do I even start: Robert Rubin, SUV liberal (Democrat) and former Clinton cabinet member. Constantly looking the other way while Citigroup starved and murder the people of this country, all so the selfish corporate terrorist could assure himself a position as a corporate terrorist executive at Citigroup following the completion of his bedroom (oops I mean cabinet) position.

But this corrupt corporate terrorist executive hasn't stopped yet. According to http://www.innercitypress.org/citi.html "Citi's proxy statement discloses that Robert Rubin, who could barely be bothered to stand up and wave at the annual general meeting, spent shareholders' $330,392 on personal travel in 2005". That is over 10x what I make in one year. But that my friends is the SUV liberal for you. It's okay for them to be corrupt, just not everyone else. Their behavior is often that same as that of a rethug. But yes, let us go on mindless clapping for Democraps who take 330,000 dollars vacations on our money, instead of voting for a true opposition party (like the Green Party).


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