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Israelis caught red-handed in Lebanon

It appears that Palestinians are not safe from Israelis - no matter where they are.
Lebanon accused Israel on Thursday of using an aircraft last month to detonate a car bomb that killed two officials of a Palestinian militant group in south Lebanon.

The government has decided to complain to the U.N. Security Council about Israeli attacks in Lebanon, Information Minister Ghazi Aridi said following a Cabinet meeting where Defense Minister Elias Murr reported on the car bombing.

The May 26 car bomb killed Mahmoud Majzoub, a senior Islamic Jihad official, and his brother as they walked out of their home in the southern city of Sidon. Both were Lebanese citizens.

In Jerusalem, an Israeli military spokesman denied any Israeli involvement.
Surprise, surprise.
Earlier Thursday, Murr told reporters at his office that the state's investigation had found an aircraft was looking out for the Majzoubs via a camera on the ground.

"The bomb was detonated from this aircraft," he said.

On Saturday, the Lebanese army said it had arrested Mahmoud Rafeh, 59, a retired police officer, on suspicion of killing the Majzoubs. Rafeh "had links to Israeli intelligence," the army said in a statement.

Murr said the suspect had received "bags filled with explosives" delivered by Israeli sea-borne commandos north of Beirut.

On Tuesday, the army said Rafeh had confessed to killing the Majzoub brothers . . . officials of the militant Hezbollah group in 1999 and 2003, and . . . the son of Ahmed Jibril, leader of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in 2002.
Wow. This guy was pretty active. I wonder if he had anything to do with Rafik Harriri's assassination (which is still under investigation).
Murr told reporters Rafeh's group was the most dangerous to be discovered in Lebanon in 30 years.

Lebanon has detained many people on charges of spying for Israel. The country considers itself at war with its southern neighbor and bans its citizens from having any contact with the Jewish state.
It doesn't seem to matter to Israel whether or not they are at war with a nation. The US is supposed to be Israel's greatest ally, but that doesn't stop them from spying on us.


At Friday, June 16, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Lebanese Implications Truly Ominous: Beware Of Jews--Seriously
(Mighty Thor, 16 Jun 06)

Note the potential for spying on America and its citizens is extremely great considering all the Jews here in USA already in place, like ur friend, "Miss R," who would gladly do anything Israel told her to do. Think about it. This Jew threat is real information Americans must think about to save their stupid lives.

For Jews are essentially communists, never forget or doubt with their collectivistic-oriented Talmudism. Communism is mere manifestation of Talmudism--no less than Zionism. (See Michael A Hoffman II's "Judaism's Strange Gods.")

The actual fact is we Americans here in homeland USA really do have much in significant way to fear in way of literal Judaic takeover, most overtly, police-state, and murderous communist dictatorship of Stalinesque potential considering the Jews active and and in-place already, including then further all Jew accomplices and co-conspirators among the gentiles, most frightening and ominous being the present elder generation so brainlessly disinformed still, evidently, on the real meaning and outcome of World War II, victory for Jews and communist dictatorship, including present United Nations (UN) empire-in-construction. (See TheNewAmerican.com for outstanding expo on such as the "CFR.")

CONCLUSION: What could possibly avert this Jew-takeover (again, which takeover has already happened so much to such great extent, only heretofore less emphatically, usually)?--Only one thing, surely, that being the simultaneous double action of RATIONALIZATION and ANTISEMITISM. For example Christians must face the fact, however distasteful, Christianity is necessarily antisemitic. Such is Christian rationalism and its necessary nature and consequence. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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