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It Ain’t Just Bu$h: Part 8 of 100 of Part A: Why they all must go!

So we will go alphabetically by state. I’m not going to waste my time my listing “party” affiliations. Please though if you don’t know their “party” go ahead and try to guess it. I can promise it will be a challenging game. I’m not even going to base this on their voting records, I’m just going to base this on crap posted on their website. If you are student doing research, please I’m begging you help educate your teacher and use this info. By the way these posts are based on the your Senutor's actually websites.

Arkansas 2: Mark Pryor
5. Where do we start with this one. I haven't even started reading and I want to puke. Looks like the back of some nutjob's SUV. If the senutor had a brain, the nerve, or wasn't a corporate terrorist the flag would have someone setting fire to it and their would be a picture of murdered innocent children non-white children.

4. I'm not even done with the pictures. On the site bar there are pictures with links. These include "our" troops and "our" kids. Not suprisingly the kid in the picture is white as white can be. One can only assume his priorities are "our" white kids and murdering the non-white ones.

3. The main page gets even better though. We are reminded that the Senutor has on his desk a sign that says Arkansas first. Somehow I get the feeling that what he really means is corporate terrorist Walmart first. Even if he doesn't, do we really want a joke of a state such as Arkansas first? Should we all strive for the Arkansas way of life? Shouldn't we all try to be the state that ranks 9th in having the most people in poverty, has the 15th highest violent crime rate, and the 10th highest infant mortality rate (http://www.census.gov/statab/ranks/rank17.html)! Yes, I am sure the people of Arkansas are put first and we should all strive to copy Arkansas!

2. To quote from the bio "Since arriving in Washington, Pryor has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to put partisan differences aside and pass meaningful legislation for our nation. These efforts have resulted in several Pryor initiatives becoming law. He has also, through bipartisan cooperation, been able to secure crucial funding for Arkansas military installations" (http://pryor.senate.gov/about). Yeah, we have a two party system! Dream on democrap apologists!

1. It gets better. To quote from the issues and from his sieg heil to preznut gasman"Our military must also rise to new challenges and we must continue to stay united and stand behind them. They give their all to promote and protect democracy at home and abroad" (http://pryor.senate.gov/issues/defense.cfm). Uh oh walmart, the senutor isn't just whoring to you, the sentuor is also whoring to the big banks and big defense (and probably getting a very small penis in return). Keep telling me that we have a two party system!

This is one very sick site. Sicker than the corporate terrorists whores Blance Lincoln's.

Power to the Green Party and Independent Progressives. Get the Democratic-Republican idiots out of office.


At Sunday, September 03, 2006, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Neo-nazi holocaust deniers are now considered "progressive"?

At Sunday, September 03, 2006, Blogger thepoetryman said...

Sword of truth... Your blade's in need of honing...

At Sunday, September 03, 2006, Blogger Troll Watcher said...

sword of "truth",
Just as much as neofascist lying war mongers can be considered "patriots".

At Monday, September 04, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

Sword of Truth:
No, if you're referring to the recent holocaust in Lebanon - you know, the 1000 civilians murdered by the Zio-nazis, or the ongoing holocaust in Iraq - you know, the over 100,000 civlians murdered by the Americans in their war for the Zio-nazis, no, none of us are denying those events. Nor are we denying the holocaust in Gaza, the people have suffered horribly these past few months at the hands of the Zio-nazis.
These are current events, happening in our lifetimes. We're not sure what happened before even my time, during WW 2, but we know the Zio-nazis of the 21st century are directly or indirectly killing a lot of people.


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