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Our Court System at Waste

While Citibank steals from their employees, steals from their customers, and murders people around the globe by charging them amounts of interest that they know will force them to starve, Shitibank sits in court whining about how they are the victims of Enron. And no they are not talking about the STD's they obtained by their constant f**king with them.

Maybe perhaps if they want to make a claim about STD's though they should make it about the judge who in a court case against Enron "has taken the unusual step of permitting the banks to immediately appeal a U-S bankruptcy judge's ruling earlier this year." Convienantly, the judge is not named, but someone better investigate this anonymous prostitute who calls themselves a judge.

Of course, Shitigroup (along with the other corporate terrorist banks) claim that they are the victims and that they are doing this out of concern. "The banks say the ruling could "devastate" the country's 500 (b) billion-dollar distressed-debt market." Stop with the bullshit and just admit that you are evil terrorist money grabbing whores.

In another post, the sphinx talks about 5 qualities present in a fascists. One, a sense of overwhelming crisis such as this immediate appeal. Two, a sense of being the victim (in this case the victim is the American peoples whose court systems are being clogged up with this bullshit). Three, the need for authority by a natural leader above the law. While Citigroup may not match all five, they certainly meet enough to be considered fascists.

Beyond this though, if our justice system was actually 'just' it would be the child murderers and corporate terrorists such as Citi and the big banks that would be on trial for starving people to death and causing them to have no money for access to health care. Until the system stops catering to the corporate terrorists and until the real criminals are all in jail, we must refuse to convict anyone but rich white people (aka the corporate terrorists) if we are on a jury.

It is time to stop wasting government resources. I say this case should be postponed until all these shitholes are in hell (Ken Lay is already there). Then, they can waste the resources in hell.


At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Historically, mainly corporations use, hence benefit the most from, the court system.

And, yes - the rest of us pay for it.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger Citisucks said...

The corporate terrorists including pretty much all the big banks have kicked the average person out of going to court against them by tricking them into signing binding arbitration contracts without them even knowing it. Shitibank does this and so do many of the other big banks. The corporate terrorists are winning and idiot america is too addicted to their credit cards to even notice it.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

citisucks, I love ya man! This goes to everyone here (except SOT, Miss R, Miss R's alter ego, and other Ashkenazi trolls).

You guys make this site what it is. Great articles, great commentaries, and great info/links.

Keep up the good work! (but don't forget about your 9-to-5 job, since if we're bums on a street, the White Zionists can more easily get at us).

By the way, we are the vast majority, ~99.99% of the population ------- what do you say we ditch this "popsicle stand" and give these terrorists the finger. Start your own economy based on trust and VALUE (not central bank manipulations/money-laundering).

.................a simple concept: BARTER AND TRADE ....................

It's amazing, since you develop relationships with your neigbors -- this comes in HANDY IN CASE OF CRISIS, hint hint ;)

Also, there is NO TAX. Well if the government wants their "share of tax", I'll be happy to give them my surplus of wheat, cabbage, chickens, fixing cars, accounting work, teaching, etc --- since that's what a community is about, sharing and helping one another out!


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