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the dirtiest bomb on earth

Always warning that other nations might use dirty bombs against US, our government has been using the dirtiest bomb on earth since the first Gulf war.

And which country set the precedent?

Israel - as far back as 1973 - against Egypt.
"In 1995, the director of AEPI told assistant secretary of the army, 'we can't reduce the toxicity [of DU munitions] - it's not possible.'

The United States Army [common task training?] states very specifically- 'uranium contamination will make food and water unusable' and yet we use it in combat all over the place.

That's why the United Nations Subcommission on Human Rights had ruled that uranium munitions were an illegal weapon - cause they're indiscriminate.

They can't be cleaned up and they last for eternity."

--Dr. Doug Rokke, US Army Health Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Sciences Officer

* * *

"Depleted uranium has a half life of four and a half billion years. If we had a pound of depleted uranium now, in four and a half billion years there would only be half a pound left.

This means that the Middle East, Central Asia, and Yugoslavia are contaminated - forever."

--Leuren Moret, Geological Scientist, International Radiation Expert
Still wonder why they call US the great satan?

Thanks, Brasscheck


At Saturday, October 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This goes to show how unevolved thes brains of these so-called "leaders" are-they think their money will save them from contamination!
Die hard Bushies seem like redneck, suicidal bullies- wanting to take the rest of with them.

Are they all pedophiles who hate themselves? Dunno, but evidence indicates all kinds of weird deviances. heehee

Thanks, I'll pass on a heaping plate of DU or worse...

At Saturday, October 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one think the 1/2 a pound reality should wake them all up! Less is more, but in this case, any at all is too much!

At Sunday, October 22, 2006, Blogger beervolcano said...

It's too easy to counter these arguments the way you have them laid out here.

Depleted uranium poses no radiological threat. It is toxic, though, as dust created when the uranium slug blasts into its target. This floats around in the air, reacts with the air, and becomes toxic uranium(VI) species. These hang around in the environment and could lead to health problems for people within a kilometer or so, depending on the spread of the dust. But in all actuality, its toxicity is comprable to lead. So for munitions, it's either lead or uranium.

Also, If you go bringing up the half life, it gets uninformed people thinking radiation, then it's easy for someone to come behind you and say that the longer the half life the less radiation, so 4 billion years is pretty good. If it were 100 years, that would be bad.

At Sunday, October 22, 2006, Blogger Eric Vaughan said...

Here's one of my favourite links on the test of an actual "dirty bomb."


I even believe that this link shows that 9/11 was orginally considered a "plan B," because the World Trade Center would be bombed in a few months.

This doesn't mean that a dirty bomb can't exist, you'd just need more wing for the sting, the same problem anthrax has.

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