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Three cheers for Israel!

Not content with brutally murdering innocent civilians during their daily incursions, israelis make sure to leave nothing but barren wasteland in their wake.
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations warned Friday against Israel's devastation of natural resources in the Palestinian Occupied Territory.

Addressing the Second Committee at the UN General Assembly, The First Secretary of the Mission Ammar Hijazi said the extent of devastation that Israel's 39 years of occupation on the natural resources in the Palestinian Occupied Territory, including Jerusalem is almost unthinkable.

"The cumulative effect and consequences of this devastation will have on future generations as well. For adding to humiliation and oppression of living under a ruthless military occupation, Palestinians watch helplessly as their land, water and other natural resources are robbed before their eyes while they are left with nothing but God's blue sky above and a shrinking space of land on which to live and thrive."
But, who's complaining?

Hip, hip - hooray!

Hip, hip - hooray!

Hip, hip, hooray!

Thanks, israel


At Saturday, October 21, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

They pulled the Gaza beach video off YouTube!!!

Can someone get a copy of it???

At Saturday, October 21, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...

That's why Zionist-owned Google was willing to pay so much for YouTube. It is important that they do not let the truth be shown...else, some of the normally compliant goyim might start to see the Zionists as what they really are.
"Goyim" is the Hebrew word for livestock (cattle, goats and sheep)...and also the Hebrew word for non-Jews! I liked the Great Revealer's term "sheeple"...it fits perfectly.

It is sad that they now control YouTube. But truth has a way of finding its way to people no matter what The Chosen Ones do...someday, maybe the "sheeple" will awaken from their slumber.
The hope for the future is with the Muslims, who seem to be able to see through the Zionist BS...I have little faith in the Christian goyim, who seem to be hopelessly brainwashed.

At Sunday, October 22, 2006, Blogger AlreadyPublished said...

Can someone get a copy of it???

But I converted it to divX (avi) - app 7meg.

At Monday, October 23, 2006, Blogger Joe said...

There are some clips on Google Video


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