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Kim Jong-il - ‘Looky what I have . . . ’

If it was up to me, I would lose the last frame, since Clinton was just as much of a liar and a thief as Bush, only he was neither stupid nor insane.

Otherwise, the first three frames of this strip are hysterical - except for the fact that, sadly, it's true - Bush has nothing but his swagger to back up his threats against North Korea.

Thanks, jimb


At Monday, June 16, 2008, Blogger Tampoporamen said...

Bill Clinton, in fact, did screw this one up.
If the cartoonist had bothered to do his homework, he would have learned that it was Bill Clinton who provided NK nuclear technology in exchange for empty promises.
Bush had to do deal with the results of Clinton policy.

Funny cartoon, but it only reflects on the ignorance of the cartoonist.


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