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AIPAC protest March 8 - Israeli-style checkpoint in L.A.

Supplement to preceding post.

AIPAC Conference 2009 video

It is my opinion that come the rise of a new revolution, every single one who attended the conference to support Zionist control of America, including Washington politicians and officers, should be exterminated for high treason. No mercy, no redemption. It's about restoring justice.

The traitors can go to hell.


At Friday, March 13, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

The traitors can go to hell.

Actually, in a way, I think they're already there.

That's why they need so much money, concubines, luxury vehicles, cocaine, mansions, 12 yo Scotch and the like; to keep away the reality of where they're headed, since they already know where they're at.


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