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Israel, the Plague of Mankind

Palestine, the land where ancient Israel once thrived,
North of Turkey is the tribe Ashkenazi Khazars, of the extinct Khazaria Empire,
Never stepped on the land since their conversion,
They cast greedy eyes on,
The land to thieve and plunder,
And consolidate power of tyranny,
In Jewish supremacism and apartheid,
Their hearts black with violence, hatred and contempt,
Towards humankind.

Palestine, the land where ancient Israel once thrived,
When land was turned over to the Khazars,
Occupied Palestine became the prison for Semitic civilians,
Under iron-fisted Zionist rule, rife with terror and violence.
No peace and love between the people of Palestine and Israel,
Because Khazars thieved and plundered to keep the stolen land,
For themselves, but to what end?

Palestine became the State of Israel,
The Zionist regime where rulers sit on the throne,
They are the Devil's children,
Who will eventually rule over the world,
With United States and the West as subservient, cowardly slaves.
First President of Israel Chaim Weizmann proclaimed,
That to avert the threat of destructive power,
Which will overthrow the world into chaos,
The West must hasten the birth of the artificial regime,
To satiate the tyrannical appetite of the Zionists.

State of Israel rose to power,
In the short span of history,
And it became drunk on power waging wars,
To commit the crimes of perfidy, violence and terror,
The atrocities pardoned by the coward nations,
Israel is above the international law,
Zionists claim self-defense,
Their lies never stop flowing from the mouth,
They are the Devil's children.

Their hatred of Christ never cease,
Their hatred of Islam never wane,
Their hatred of civilized mankind never ebb,
They seek to dominate by treason, violence, and sabotage,
To control domestic policies and media of the subverted nations,
They extol debasement of the cultures,
With usury, perversion and horror to demoralize stricken nations,
They are the Devil's children.

"Eretz Yisrael Hashleimah!" cried the Zionists,
The blue stripes between the Star of David,
On the flag of Israel,
Represent the rivers of Niles and Euphrates,
That cover the land to form Greater Israel,
They want to conquer the vast land,
To create Greater Israel,
But it is an impossible dream,
What is certain the dream will be feasible?
"Destroy Iraq!" beseeched the Zionists,
"Destroy Lebanon! Syria! Iran!"
Their hatred of the Semites never lessen,
They want to destroy all that is good and just,
As the antithesis of life and harmony,
They built Israel on the corpses of Six Million Jews,
Perpetrating the exaggerated hoax of the Holocaust,
With fabulous tales of horror and prejudice,
They loved Hitler, for he has gifted them Palestine,
The dream of Israel come true,
To bury Palestine with fantasy of The Promised Land,
For the Jews of any origin and creed,
Though Israel is the domain of Ashkenazi Khazar tribe.

The State of Israel's ultimate goal,
Is to control the world,
That encroaches on universal love, happiness and justice,
The Zionist's heart beats furiously with contempt,
Towards all that is good and just,
Israel has become the destructive power,
As Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-Gurion said Israel shall become,
To revel in terror by subjugation of the good people to evils,
Because they are the Devil's children.

State of Israel shall perish in the page of time,
It shall exist no more,
When it commits self-destruction,
Because of certainty the sand of time will disappear in the hourglass,
With catastrophic outcome in the new wars,
As the coward nation United States lay dying in revolution and mortality,
That threatens Israel's existence as the parasite,
When the outcome of annihilation become a reality,
Israel shall finally depart to Hell,
Where it belongs.


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