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In Pursuit of Iran: How Zionist Echo-Chambers Sell The Scam

The Zionist Origins of World War III

They're at it again. The same pack of rabid dogs who helped scare Americans into invading Iraq and Afghanistan have another prey in their sights: Iran. This pack of mad dogs scents blood and is very adept at manipulating Americans into fighting wars for Israel by using their effective "echo chamber," a relentless assault on our senses.

Another predominantly Muslim country is being targeted by the "Wars for Empire and Israel" crowd. We're being told recycled lies about Iran that worked so well in scaring the hell out of Americans and making them believe that Saddam had "nooks" and was about to launch them at the USA.
We're being told that Iran is smuggling YELLOWCAKE out of the Congo, just like Saddam had smuggled YELLOWCAKE out of Niger.

We're being told on FOX and HBO "comedy" programs like the boot licker Bill Maher's Real Time and in other media that the Iranians are a bunch of blood-thirsty killers, who want to let loose a nuclear Armageddon on the world, to bring back some messiah--When the truth is that real culprits that hope and pray for that are Americans, the oddly named "Christian Zionists."

Just like we were told that Iraqi's hate Americans and love death more than life.

And being deliberately scared by another raging Islamaphobe, a Russian Jew by the name of Jamie Glazov, mobbed up with the King of Islamaphobia, David Horowtiz. Glazov likes to compare Occupied Palestine to Nazi Germany and Hamas to Nazi's, bent on death and destruction because they love death and hate living.


Do we have another candidate for the Hitler award? Due to Saddam "dropping" out, there's an opening.
Looks like Iranian President Ahmadinejad got the new title.

Glazov says former President Carter lives in a moral sewer.

And yes, he rattles the sabers constantly, babbling on about Iran and how that nation is trying to start Armageddon, while portraying Israeli Jews as being "kind, peace loving, generous souls." Wonder what planet Glazov lives on?

We're being told time is running out, which is the BS fed to us back in early 2003 about Iraq. Relentless.

There is a country that is peopled with blood-thirsty psychos that has no qualms about using WMD's, especially on civilians. This nation has launched countless wars of aggression against mostly 3rd world nations, to either keep their thuggish bitch dictator in place or install some heavy-handed goon that will be happy with getting paid chump change while that nation's corporations rape, pillage and plunder the natural resources.

If you guessed that country to be Israel, you're close, but Israel comes in at #2.

The world's #1 terrorist state that is fond of using false-flags, of spreading lies and distortions on the MSM to start wars of aggression and of gladly killing civilians is the country that formerly belonged to We the People.



At Sunday, March 29, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The beast known as zionism will never be Christian, no matter how many idiots are cowed by the so-called jews.


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