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Police find "al Qaeda" cell in Tennessee

A jewish pervert busted in Nashville

We'll see how good Levine's 'connections' are. He obviously won't be attending Obama's Passover seder.

Murfreesboro, Metro teacher filmed kid's sex, police say
Child porn cases contain allegations of teen alcohol, drug use dating to '70s

Teenagers have gone for decades to a science teacher's Belle Meade-area home to drink and smoke marijuana. Many went to have sex with each other. Few knew they were being videotaped.

Those allegations were detailed in a federal complaint released Tuesday charging Louis Jay Levine, 52, with producing child pornography. Police recovered 400 tapes, many with handwritten labels, at his Alton Road home near Belle Meade.Levine, who holds a bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University and a master's from Belmont, is a first-year teacher with Murfreesboro City Schools. He traveled through the district teaching science and nature classes to elementary and middle school students. He has been a substitute teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools since 2002, and for many years took snakes and other wildlife to presentations for youth groups and camps.

The police investigation began in late March, when a concerned parent told a Metro detective that her teenage son and other teenagers were given alcohol and marijuana at Levine's house and allowed to use the bedrooms for sex.Detectives searched the home March 31 and found an "isolation room" — a waterbed covered by a wooden box with an improvised ventilation system, an outbuilding teenagers called the "Little House" where sex and drug use were common, and a monitoring and recording system hooked up to cameras positioned throughout the property.

Police said they've spoken with adults who recently acknowledged they took drugs and had sex at Levine's home in the 1970s and 1980s, when they were teenagers.

The home at 133 Alton Road is no stranger to controversy. Levine's father was Morris Levine, a Metro councilman from 1947 to 1951 and a prominent attorney, who threw lavish Halloween celebrations each year, drawing hundreds of families. In 2000, police were called when a newcomer to the neighborhood was startled to find sexually explicit magazines in the party favor given to her husband. Morris Levine, who died in 2001, referred to them as "daddy bags," according to a previous newspaper article.

Police took a report but said that no laws were broken because the adult magazines were passed out only to adults. Most neighbors knew of the tradition.

From the Tennessean comments;
I was the one who called the police Halloween of 2000 and the police would not do anything. I had moved in to the neighborhood and everyone told my husband and I how we needed to take our children over there. I was appalled when we got home and my 4 year old son dumped out the bag and there were 2 women doing unspeakable acts on the front cover. I went back to confront the Levines and had the police come as well. I called the D.A. Tori Johnson who was extremely rude and told me he would do nothing. I knew there was something about that house that just wasn't right. Funny to me that everyone in the neighborhood shuned me and looked at me like I was a trouble maker. These families who go use this as there one time a year to get there porn and it's ok. All I can say to all those people is I told you so. I knew there was something going on in that house and none would listen.

I'm sure Wolf Blitzer will cover this on his SHITuation Room, right? Or will Tennessee police and the DHS find that there is an "al Qaeda" cell operating in that state?



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