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Why They Hate Us: The Pathological Roots of Judeofascism

From the 12 volume Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901-1906.

An article on insanity among the Jews, written by: Joseph Jacobs, Maurice Fishberg, Solomon Schechter, Julius H. Greenstone

Mental disease. Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large. From statistics collected by Buschan he concludes that they are four to six times more liable to mental disease than are non-Jews. Lombroso quotes Servi ("Gli Israeliti di Europa," 1872) to the effect that in Italy there is one insane among 391 Jews, nearly four times as many as among the Catholic population of that country. Verga ("Archivio di Statistico," 1880) shows that in 1870 there was one insane among 1,775 Catholics in Italy, while with the Jews it reached the alarming proportion of one insane in 384 of population. A similar phenomenon has been observed in other countries. In the various provinces of Germany and also in Denmark the percentage of Jewish insane is very large, as is seen from the figures in the appended table:

In this table the proportion of Jewish, insane is in nearly all places very large, in some cases more than double that of the non-Jewish population.

Maximoff and Sikorsky have shown that similar conditions prevail in Russia...

Suggested Causes

The causes of the great frequency of insanity among Jews are differently interpreted by different authorities. Some, like Buschan, see in it a racial characteristic. They show that there is evidence in the Bible that the ancient Hebrews were already great sufferers from mental alienation. They point out that many passages in the Bible indicate that mental alienation was not unknown in Biblical times (see particularly Wilhelm Ebstein, "Die Medizin im Alten Testament," pp. 114-117; also the references to persons "possessed with devils," "lunatics," "men of unclean spirits," etc., in Matt. viii. 16, ix. 32, xii. 22, xvii. 15; Mark v. 2; Luke viii. 27,xii. 11, and in many other places in the New Testament).

As is the case with all the physical, mental, and intellectual traits of the Jews, consanguineous [relating to or denoting people descended from the same ancestor] marriages have been considered a cause of a great part of the insanity among them. The Jews, it is well known, are very neurotic, as is manifested by the frequency of various nervous affections among them (see Nervous Diseases); and the marriage of relatives who are affected by a neurotic taint has been positively proved to be detrimental to the succeeding generation. In one generation the neuropathy may manifest itself as hysteria; in another, as some organic or functional nervous affection, then as insanity, etc. The chances of thus perpetuating the nervous strain in families by consanguineous marriages are therefore greater among Jews than among peoples in whom nervous diseases are less frequent.

Written by four sons of Khazria, so it can't be "anti-Semitic." Writing on root causes of Jewish insanity, which is much more prevalent among Jews than Gentiles.

An insanity due primarily to marrying within their own families, diluting bloodlines to the point of genetic madness.

All sanctioned on and encouraged by Zionism.

Craziness which drove an insane taste for children's blood, who they'd sacrifice to their demonic entity Moloch, a Canaanite idol.

Caption: Babylonian Cylinder Representing Sacrifice of a Child.

Sacrifices which paid off with the Zionist infiltration and propagandizing of Britain in the late 19th Century, a fact which helped them craft the Balfour Agreement, which led to the establishment of Apartheid Israel in Occupied Palestine, where the descendants of Moloch still practice child sacrifices... of the Palestinian children.

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At Wednesday, April 22, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...



Also high rates of Autism. I've noticed that the more orthodox communities seem to have high rates of mental retardation (inbreeding?).

Jung pointed out that Freudian psychotherapy is harmful to gentiles since the theories are based on studies of Jews and don't apply to the average gentile.

The basic problem here is tribalism and a tribal mentality - which also exists in primitive cultures and some modern ones, such as the Japanese.

The cure is assimilation.

At Thursday, April 23, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

I reject the notion that genetics plays a major or even significant role in this social disease they euphemistically call 'zionism.'

Tway human beings choose to treat others around them is first and foremost a function of CHOICE.

However, it is well known that narrowing the genetic pool can cause physical and mental human limitations. Therefore, people should impose a complete ban on marriage between direct relatives (i.e., sister and brother, mother son, father daughter, uncle neice, aunt nephew) and discourage marriage between first cousins especially where certain genetic limitations have already become apparent.


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