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TERMINATED - California fiscal deficit wipeout


Edit: Due to the ungodly length of the post, as well as curb annoyance of some readers on this blog, I put up a new post entitled "A Moment in History: Passage of California Proposition 13 & Insane Tax-&-Spend Liberalism leads to Unprecedented Fiscal Nuclear Blast 3 decades later" on the "periodically active" blog for those interested in the topic concerning the economic health of not only California but also the United States as the largest debtor nation on Earth with over 11 trillion dollars (unofficial adjusted figure is the mind-boggling 56 trillion since the passage of Wall Street bailout and economic stimulus packages on top of approving tens of billions in war funds, pork and other monstrous debt-expanding adventures).


At Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this from Libertas Productions?

At Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

GR, to answer your question: Yes.

California is in state of paralysis, and it's headed towards disaster in terms of social and economic disintegration unless Obama Administration and Congress convene to deliver the aid package to alleviate the crisis to prevent it from spiraling out of control when California government defaults if there is a failure to remedy the budget crisis after July 1.

If California collapses, it will cause a massive ripple effect throughout the U.S. Less imports from the West Coast (Cargoes of foreign shit), food and generated revenue for state & federal governments.

I find it ironic and hypocritical U.S. government reamed American taxpayers when they bailed out Wall Street for over 800 billion dollars (obscene) under Bush 43 and $787 billion economic stimulus under Obama (still obscene). Federal Reserve continue to print invisible money and bill the taxpaying citizens an exorbitant interest typical of usury invented by Joos.

Mark my word, when California goes down, down goes the U.S. mired with massive corruption and waste and stuck in vicious cycle of warfare on two fronts with two other problems on the horizon (Pakistan and Iran). It's a guaranteed suicide pact for U.S. if U.S. attacks either or backs Israel's attack against Islamic Republic of Iran.

U.S. is so deep in the proverbial world of shit with indebtedness and corruption its power will ebb and the nation will rise to social chaos and lawlessness, martial law and revolution. It's like 1848 deja vu in North America.


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