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3rd Generation Holocaust™ Survivors Lining Up for Their Piece of the Pie

First, a little background. Holocaust™ survivors have already lined their pockets with hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. But that is chump changed compared to the greatest swindle of all time; the use of Holocaust™ imagery to bamboozle the UN into stealing 55% of Palestine away from the native inhabitants, a figure that has swelled to over 80% of Palestine being stolen by these eastern Europe interlopers who continue to steal more land and water and murder Palestinians like it was some sport.
Holocaust Survivors Still Owed Up to $175 Billion

The study, prepared by international economist Sidney Zabludoff for the Jerusalem-based Jewish Political Studies Review and made available to Reuters Thursday, reveals that hundreds of billions of dollars have still not been paid out.

Restitution efforts have intensified in the years since the end of the Cold War, said Zabludoff, a former White House, Treasury Department and CIA official.
Who is behind this latest extortion that will glean coins out of the pockets of the innocent? The Fisher's of Canada, for one.
According to one Israeli source, the group has expanded in recent years, and now is made up of over 50 American and Canadian super-rich Zionist activists. The dominant figures in the group—the Bronfman brothers, Steinhardt, and Fisher—all have longstanding personal and family organized-crime pedigrees, tracing back to the Meyer Lansky National Crime Syndicate. The Canada-based Bronfman gang, headed by Edgar and Charles' father Sam, and by Max Fisher, got their start as bootleggers during Prohibition. Fisher was a leader of the Detroit-based Purple Gang, which, in collusion with Moe Dalitz's Cleveland-centered "Jewish Navy," smuggled Bronfman's illegal booze across the Great Lakes from Canada into the Midwest. The Bronfman family motto, which applies to most of the Mega Group, is: "From rags, to rackets, to riches, to respectability."

"Show me the money, says 2nd gen survivors"

Sensing that their is still some money to extort from Zionist run governments, 2nd generation holocaust survivors are lining up to go on a looting spree. But we're being told that the money picked from our pockets will only be used for psychological treatment.
Any fool can see once this lawsuit is won against the Germans, it won't be long before hand picked psychiatric institutes start issuing papers bemoaning the amount of pain and suffering the 2nd generation is experiencing and that there is a real need for some type of compensation.

Once that racket succeeds, that will open the door to claims for "psychiatric" help for the 3rd generation survivors from the bank vaults of Germany, Poland, Russia and any other nation they can scam, who are already undergoing "psychiatric" studies to determine how much pain and suffering they have endured as 3rd generation Holocaust™ survivors.


At Monday, June 29, 2009, Blogger The Irritable Farmer said...

Not for nuthin' ...


It's all here.

At Monday, June 29, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea that the fake Judeans should be paid compensation, but no one else, is preposterous. If they should be paid, then everyone who lived in a warzone should be paid.

Damn zooks go back to hell where they belong.


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