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Selling U.S.A. out to China with land & treasury guarantees - "We Are Chinese Now"

First Chairman Bernanke implied a threat to wreck American economy if Federal Reserve is audited, now this.

Remnant of America's fragile sovereignty will be effectively vanquished if the "Clean Energy & Climate Change" bill passes the Senate to be signed into law by Traitor-in-Chief Obama.

(skip to 7:00 minute mark)

Rense: Obama's Incredible Record Of Betrayal

Obama admits the passage of Cap & Trade bill may cause
electricity prices to surge.

President Obama praises the passage of Clean Energy & Climate Change bill in House.


At Saturday, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here Nepos, add this video.

They are creating a new speculation market to inflate and bust us with, as well as the first global tax.

CO2 is a harmless gas, the real culprits are thousands of chemicals, rampant radiation, and physical environmental destruction (including war).


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