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Occupation 101--U.S. Aid to Israel

A short video putting the amount of financial aid we give to Israel into perspective. Since Israel has not paid back a single penny of these “loans,” the U.S. government has just written this money off as grants. This is not even including all of the military equipment and technology we have given to them (or that they have stolen from us). The U.S. has given them one of the best militaries in the world, all for a total population of only six million Jewish inhabitants. They also have an estimated nuclear arsenal of 300-400 nuclear weapons, thanks to the Jewish spies who have stolen U.S. nuclear intelligence and passed it on to their ethnic kin. An argument could even be made that Jewish espionage was responsible for the start of the Cold War and the rise of a nuclear Soviet Union, due to the Rosenbergs passing U.S. nuclear secrets to the U.S.S.R. through Israel. Ask yourself this, what has Israel ever done to deserve such American gratitude? Can you name one instance that they have come to our aid? The sheer magnitude of our foreign aid to Israel gives credence to the reality of massive Jewish influence in our government.

But, but, but.... What about all that "aid" they gave to the crew of the USS Liberty in the form of rockets, napalm, machine guns and torpedos?

And their role in the false-flag against the USS Cole?

Not to mention those kind and considerate MOSSAD agents in Liberty Park on 9/11, filming the WTC attacks and having a party while doing so.

And all that stock market money that MADOFF to Israel?

What a "friend" we have in Israel.


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