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Coming Soon: PAY from the GRAVE!

You drag yourself to work each day to pay back monstrous student debts.

Can it get any worse?

Apparently, it can.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government can seize up to 15% of a retiree's monthly Social Security benefit to pay off old student loans.


This is another blow to baby boomers on the heels of Greenspan's calls that they forego health and pension benefits [and eat Hostess cupcakes instead!]
"The court [ruled] in the case of James Lockhart, who attended four institutions of higher education between 1984 and 1989 and took out nine federally guaranteed loans. By 2002, he was disabled from diabetes and heart disease,[!!!] and had $80,000 in unpaid student loans."

"[Disabled,] Lockhart received a Social Security benefit, but the government withheld $93 per month to repay his student loans . . . when he reached retirement age . . . the government . . . began withholding $143 per month."

"People are very offended that people take student loans and don't pay them back," said Sandy Baum, a professor of economics at Skidmore College.

GHEE, that's odd; they don't mind being ravaged at the monetary helm by for-profit moneylenders.


And you still think we're free?


At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew these Fed fukers would end up doing that. I sent the assholes @ Dept of Education my worthless MBA saying they can take it back. It's utterly useless except for GOP fascist assholes like Bush with Nazi family connections who's down on his knees praying to his imaginary evil skygod. Since wasting my time getting this MBA in my early 30s loosing money working part time while incuring outlandish 1000 bucks a credit costs at an over priced private university, I still can't get a full time job paying over 10 bucks an hour. First they made it impossible to declare bankruptcy to dissolve this student loan debt. Then a few years back, they took me to court to try to 'seize' whatever assets I had. Since I didn't have any assets, not even a car worth over 1500 [they would of sieized if worth more than that] nor a job, they charged ME for the court costs and their attorney. This added another 30,000 bucks to a 12,000 loan with interest at 17,000 back then.

Now interest is charged on these 30,000 added court costs the Feds incurred to prove I was 'worthless' but charged to me on top of this original 12,000 student loan for an MBA 17 years ago that is now at 80,000 frickin dollars! 80,000 Dollars these Fed jokers want me to pay back for a 12,000 dollar student loan! Now they want to STEAL IT FROM MY PITHY SS RETIREMENT??? I've got no pension since companies don't have them any longer, unless of course you work for the government. Course I'd have to something more than a wage slave job @ 10 bucks an hour first to even start paying the load back. Now these Fed Fascists are going to deduct 15% [82.50] from $549 bucks a month if I start collectiing at 62, or 113 bucks from $754 if retiring @ 66? Looks like I'm going to have to try and rob a Fed Bank to even live - if caught, no biggy, then the fascist Feds will have to pay my living expenses... Only reason I got the stupid useless MBA degree was because I was 'duped' by society 20 years ago into believing back THEN I could make at least 50K a year with it. I was too naive to realize that 17 years ago when getting my useless post grad degree..

Shit, I've never been able to obtain one full time job since getting this uselss MBA that pays me more than 10 bucks an hour... Try living in Las Vegas working a full time job paying 10 bucks an hour or less... No matter how frugal you are, there's absolutely nothing left over - and I'm divorced, no car payments, living dirt cheap in a dump spending every dime on absolute necessities. In this town chock full of low skilled jobs with 90% of its labor force less educated than myself, you only need to be able to count up to 21... Degrees are worthless unless required for state certification... like a lawyer, pharmacist, teacher, etc.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First they make a College Degree necessary in order to apply for jobs that formerly didn't require any college level skills, then they remove most tuition grants then racket up the fees. After setting us up with debt they introduce HB-1 visa foreigners for the skilled jobs and export the remianing skilled jobs and bring in the uneducated cheap labor illegals to scarf up the low level jobs while feeding at the social safely net. Lastly to finalize the squeeze on Americans they remove all bankruptcy protections at the same time as they remove the economic means to pay off the cresending debt. WE are fast approaching the end game which entails the return to feudalism.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

OMG! Anonymous #1

But for the fact that I've already taken bankruptcy this semester, your story would be incredible to me!

Thanks for sharing your true story about one man's (woman's) student loan in America.

It's completely amazing that Congress never considers how our monetary system is destroying our economy.

Instead, they talk about football, cigars...you name it.


Please, let's do everything humanly possible to raise a big stink about this.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
And you think you're so clever and classless and free,
But you're still fucking peasents as far as I can see,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.
There's room at the top they are telling you still,
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill,
If you want to be like the folks on the hill,
A working class hero is something to be.
A working class hero is something to be.
If you want to be a hero well just follow me,
If you want to be a hero well just follow me.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a student loan of $1500.00,now they want $20,000.00, for a long time I paid $53.00 a month,oh and I am owed $83,592.00 in child support,and now I'm 55yr.old.they should get the money from the child support that never came.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Blogger Albion Moonlight said...

wow. that is a crazy story. my own student loan has ballooned all out of proportion, thanks to having to afford living expenses and paying off my other stupid credit card debt that I lived off of while living on a low wage job shortly after college. how long before they can just sieze your person and render it down for the value of your organs?

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

albion: our person would be worth a lot wouldn't it? Full of fresh organic vegetables and endless manual labor sitting in cubicles all day.

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Blogger TW said...

Anyone had this experience -- the loan servicers screwing the borrowers, then dumping the debt? I had $10K in loans where repayment began a year after graduation, then was interest-only for a certain period of time. Had the payment booklet with the something like $55 a month coupons, paid every month, blah blah blah...

And then, get a notice from the servicer (aparently to all borrowers in the same cycle) saying, "Oops, we goofed, you should have started paying principal a year ago." Then they gave us the option: we could either pay a lump sum for the difference, or capitalize that amount on top of the loan. And, guess-what? That lump sum was like $900 -- an amount that very few recent grads in starter jobs could afford to shell out, which I'm sure was their intention.

But I objected to the idea of them double dipping here. Hm. Adding principal for the loan on top of the loan as a new amount? I called "bullshit", wrote the servicer many letters telling them I didn't accept their offer, then when they tried to inform me of the new loan balance, objected strenuously.

Of course, a couple of months later, Servicer 1 sold their loans to Servicer 2 -- which seemed like nothing more than a handy way to launder their rip-off. Combine that with their payment record not matching up with mine, needless to say, I was pissed. I kept demanding that Servicer 2 fix the problem, gave them documentation, etc. All they'd do is send back a Xerox of the original incorrect payment print-out from Servicer 1.

I finally got so fed up that I informed them I would not make another payment until this got fixed. They didn't fix it, and I stopped paying. Luckily, I worked two jobs that got me some sort of pensions, and yes, I'm awaiting the day when the ED tries to skim from my Social Security.

But, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a loan servicer play fast and loose because they know they can -- ultimately, they're probably expecting a high rate of default that they can just push off on the Federal government. And that's what needs to be investigated, because it seems to me that it's really the servicers who are defrauding the government, using the shaky financial status of recent grads to do it.

Just my two cents worth. Or, well, $20K or so worth...

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaah, so that's where all those knives in my back came from!

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


ok you have the info now what are you doing about it?

At Thursday, December 08, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

You're a speculator; you trade in others' misfortunes.

That's not a productive way to make a living. Do something productive with your life.

Maybe then you won't need money to replace the love that your selfish personality cannot currently garner on its own.

Think of someone other than yourself, for a change, and you will be loved.

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, my heart goes out to all of you, something HAS to stop this madness.
If it will help (please don't take offence with this) truck drivers are desperatly needed in British Columbia, wages are pretty good (~$60,000 CDN/year), hours are LONG, conditions suck in winter, but if you're in a bind think about getting a class 1 licence.
Again, just trying to help...

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, it is all just so Jewish, isn't it?

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very nice anonymous ^

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

you must be ashamed of yourself, anonymous.

why else would you post your hateful and misleading remark anonymously?

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albion Moonlight said...
wow. how long before they can just sieze your person and render it down for the value of your organs?

7,000 Amerikans are iatrogenocided every day in Death Camps in USA (do the math). Still-living have the beating hearts cut out and skinned alive, selling the free organs on the white market for $500,000 a head. In Commie China dissidents are skinned alive in mobile Death Vans, with organs sold to US medical/cosmetic cartels. My wife is a Gulf War veteran, disabled from Dr Mengele "medical school experiements run amok", and US VA stole her entire pension, as perped against 95% of all disabled retired vets. I have contagious Gulf War Vaccine/Nuke/JP8 Syndrome, and Social Security Administration crooks have refused to pay disability benefits for 7 years (worth $200,000+ per person they rob). But 30-million illegal aliens can collect full US SS retirement while living in Mexico, after only 3 years in USA.

ALL vaccines are sabotaged, ALL doctors are extorted to deny cures for deadly diseases, ALL hospitals are Death Camps, HIV/AIDS is a patented mycoplasma bioweapon for US govt and funded by Congress in Congressional Record. ALL Texas streets and highways have been given to King of Spain to turn into toll roads via GPS/cellphone taxation-by-the-mile (TexasTollRoads.com).

Anonymous said...
Ah, it is all just so Jewish, isn't it?

qrswave said...
you must be ashamed of yourself, anonymous. why else would you post your hateful and misleading remark anonymously?

Trillionaire Luciferian "Jewish" Khazar AshkeNAZI banksters (without DNA from Middle East) who worship Molech/Satan at Bohemian Grove presidential compound in Monte Rio California now own mortgages on all bankrupted "governments" that were all replaced by municipal corporations in forclosure. CAFR gov't "pension funds" are looted of $70-trillion/year, from all local, state and fed gov'ts, using 2 sets of books. If that money weren't looted, there would be no taxes. IRS is a private collection agency in Puerto RICO, owned by the international banksters who counterfeit all "US Federal Reserve Notes". Fed Reserve Bank is a private corporation owned by "Jewish" international banksters. Fed Reserve chairman is Sir Alan Greenspan Knight of the British Empire and member of Bohemian Grove homosexual Jewish nudist colony for snuff kiddie porn.

Semite - 1 a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and ARABS 2 : a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language.
-Merriam Webster Dictionary

Jewish NeoCon/Com Bush narcoterror gang is currently sued under RICO Act for perping the 9/11 massacres, to "justify" the 15-year-old Iraq War, that genocided 1.6-million Iraqis and genocided 50,000 US troops (mainly by "friendly fire" fragging sabotage of vaccines and "depleted" uranium that's radioactive for 45-billion years). NWO gang wants to kill us all and let Lucifer sort us out... At least the NWO's gonna genocide millions of crooked copsters and "Jewish" Mishpucka mafia gangstas, along with the innocent but gullible sheeple.

At Friday, December 09, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

EVIL must be seen for what it is, not "jewish" or "muslim" or "christian," but that which destroys life rather than preserves it.

Evil IDEAS work through all types of people to enslave, violate, and destroy humanity.

If our minds are distracted by simple correlations, we will never rid ourselves of the TRUE cause of our misery, which is FALSEHOOD, as embodied in EVIL IDEAS like INTEREST.

At Saturday, December 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do americans, especially christians, constantly refer to the people occupying Israel today as Jewish or Hebrew. Those people could not be the descendants of Jacob because if You notice the Egyptian Murals the Hebrews (who were the slaves) were indeed BLACK PEOPLE! Those that say they are Jews but are not, butare the synagouge of satan look almost caucasian. Unless the Egyptians were painting falsehoods about their history, the modern "Jew" is an impostor! So please stop referring to all of the evil perpetrated by these people with Jewish analogies.

At Saturday, December 10, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

Thanks for the historical context, anonymous.

Given the fact that the ancient Egyptians were perfectionists, I doubt that they were inaccurate in their depictions on their murals.

Regardless,as I have mentioned many times before, neither race, ethnicity, faith, nor wealth have any causal relation to evil deeds.

Evil ideas are the source of evil deeds, and anyone can have them.

The real trick is recognizing an evil idea when we see it.

Only then can we guard against it.

At Saturday, December 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ancient Egyptian depictions of black slaves are the Nubians, who lived south of Egypt. They were conquered and reconquered many times by the Egyptians. Any idea that they were Hebrews is just silly. Sorry to spoil your SCHMIELHOYZAMEALKIBBUTZSH FEST.

At Saturday, December 10, 2005, Blogger qrswave said...

Pick whichever theory you like.

It doesn't matter.

My point remains unassailable.

At Sunday, December 11, 2005, Blogger jfreedom said...

alright everyone can rest now there is a solution to all of these student loan debt problems
it's called discharing and bills of exchange..... wanna figure out what that means try subscribing to The Americans Bulletin at PO BOX 3096

At Wednesday, March 07, 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

I am looking for a package that I am supposed to be able to send for through American Bulletin, for Federal Prisoners to file forms about their Supervised Releases being unconstitutional. Does anyone there know where I can send for this?

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