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A Global RACE to the BOTTOM

According to Bloomberg, the RACE is ON!
"Japan and Malaysia will sign a free-trade agreement, phasing out tariffs on 97 percent of oil, machinery and agricultural products traded between the two countries"

"The U.S. and Peru reached an agreement to remove trade barriers Dec. 7."

"Venezuela yesterday gained entry into Mercosur, a South American trade group."

"The U.S. Senate in July approved an accord ending most tariffs goods traded between the U.S. and five central American countries and the Dominican Republic."

"China and Australia agreed to start free-trade talks in April this year."

"Japan's trade deal with Malaysia will eliminate tariffs on "substantially all" goods traded between the two nations within 10 years"

"A global agreement to reduce trade barriers in the WTO talks would add $59 billion to the world's economy, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said in a report published Nov. 18."
Add $59 billion to the world's economy?!!

Which world are they talking about?!!

It ain't the working class world, I'll tell you that.

And who's this 'report' coming from? the Carnegie Endowment for so-called International 'Peace'?

What kind of 'peace' are they referring to?!!

Rest in peace, after we're plundered?!!

These people are SHAMELESS!

We're supposed to open our markets to greedy corporate marauders, armed to the teeth with MONOPOLY MONEY, and REST ASSURED that, after they use the hell out of our infrastructure, evade our taxes, abuse our labor at the lowest wage possible, pollute our environments, and reap billions upon billions selling us essential commodities at monopoly prices, that they will miraculously and graciously invest their profits in new high paying jobs and rebuild our cities and the lives they've destroyed through their greedy avarice?!!

Please. Toe your line elsewhere.

I've heard enough.

Invest your blood-stained MONOPOLY MONEY on a different planet.


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