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China, Russia welome Iran into the fold

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which maintained it had no plans for expansion, is now changing course. Mongolia, Iran, India and Pakistan, which previously had observer status, will become full members. SCO's decision to welcome Iran into its fold constitutes a political statement. Conceivably, SCO would now proceed to adopt a common position on the Iran nuclear issue at its summit meeting June 15.
If you haven't read this already, it's a must read.

While we're being drained of our wealth and dismantled by corporate marauders (with the express approval of our own government), the Asian continent is forging strategic alliances that, within a decade, will take them light years ahead of us economically.

Developments like this really drive home the extent of the political isolation and economic decline our nation has suffered over the last forty years.


At Tuesday, April 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The SCO is not a military bloc but is nonetheless a security organization committed to countering terrorism, religious extremism and separatism. SCO membership would debunk the US propaganda about Iran being part of an "axis of evil".

Webster Tarpley has mentioned this organisation a lot.


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