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What's Going On?

Ever heard of "hydraulic despotism"? Why I ask is because knowing a bit of history might help us understand what the despots have planned. Anyway, hydraulic despotism:
… is a term for despotic rule supported by control of a single, necessary resource.
That's the narrow "classical" definition. I'd like to use the word "hydraulic" as a metaphor for any fundamental necessity, broaden that last part: "control of a single necessary resource," and restate the definition thusly:
hydraulic despotism is a term for a form of rule supported by complete control of energy within a system (ie. society).
It is necessary to understand that a vital resource within a society functions as does energy within a system. The more complex the system the greater the amount and forms of energy needed.

Within the "system" in which we live we can name: oil and electricity, money, water, and food. (Just to keep it simple.) Control of the amount of energy available to the system entails control of the system. You should be able to see what effect the control of these main resources have in our present system.

This should also give you a perspective on the situation in Iraq and the possible invasion of Iran. The goal is not the control of a country or a people. Once you have control of the main rescources all else falls into place. Remember the first targets chosen for bombing are not the population, but the infrastucture, civilian and military. Driving from the Jordanian border to Baghdad in 2003, all along the highway I saw electricity towers droop to the east as faded flowers.

Water is a problem. Electricity. Food. Money. All driven by oil. Also a problem. But notice the amount of troops. Why so few? And the permanent bases being built? Only four. Strategically placed. If Iran happens you will see the same thing played out. They are not interested in hearts and minds, as long as they have control of bellies. As long as they have control of the available energy the system needs. The thinking is that at some point the population will come to the gates begging.

Have a look at the new embassy in Baghdad. Think Fort Apache. Think Moonbase Alpha. Iraqis, the favored ones, will work inside. They will be well-treated, personally, medically, well-fed, clothed, payed. They will tell of the benevolence of the occupying powers. They will talk. Word will spread. Anyone who might voice coherent opposition already eliminated.

Keep these things in mind: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Central Asia, (3) Iraq and the pipeline to Haifa, (4) Iran (dares plan to provide electricity by building nuclear plants), (5) and the Caspian.

Now read this from the BBC:
The United States has outlined an ambitious energy project to develop the energy sources of the ex-Soviet republics of Central Asia. The plan would develop a regional power grid from Kazakhstan to India.

The grid would feed the growing energy needs of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and help integrate the economies of Central and South Asia.The far-reaching plan would also reduce Central Asia's reliance on routes through Russia for its energy exports. The US Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Boucher, presented the plan to committee in Congress.

He explained how the development of a power grid through Afghanistan would enable the energy-rich nations of Central Asia to sell electricity to energy-poor India and Pakistan. The impoverished mountainous republics of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan both want to develop their large hydro-electricity potential.

Kazakhstan, with abundant oil and gas, is rapidly becoming a top energy producer while Turkmenistan has some of the world's largest gas reserves. India and Pakistan have both been seeking ways to import Central Asian oil, gas and electricity to fuel their expanding economies. Even Afghanistan now needs more energy as its war shattered economy begins to recover. Mr Boucher said the opening up of Afghanistan meant that it should now be seen as a bridge not an obstacle between Central and South Asia.

Historically, Central Asia always had close ties with Afghanistan and India until they were broken by Soviet isolationism imposed by Moscow. But continuing insecurity in parts of Afghanistan has long prevented the rebuilding of economic ties. Now American officials and other observers say the best way to reintegrate Afghanistan and to improve stability in the entire region is to boost economic integration. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has been increasing its efforts to recover lost economic influence in Central Asia, but US policy has long been to wean the Central Asian republics away from their old reliance on Moscow.
Control of available energy: oil, electricity, money, water, food. With these they believe that hearts and minds don't matter. Look into these matters. Not only there, but around you. Reflect on the small scale model: how the Israelis with the wall annex Palestinian land – the most fertile, areas over known aquifers; the checkpoints, the flow and traffic of people and goods; the money. The despots believe themselves on the brink of complete control. By creating dependency infrastructures, they force those in need of energy to survive into dependence, subservience, slavery.

Do you see it?

What's going on?


Got one comment from A simple child, who said: "I could see it with arab people, but it is not true with persians. Historically, persians don't stand being invaded even when nobody likes arabic-islamic regime. Iran has never been a colony of another country; so, I predict hard time for US if it attack to Iran. "

My reply: "i can see what you see, certainly. point is, they're not interested in invading or controlling iran. all they need is the oil. chk the links, look at the maps. with the oil fields secured they have no need of the rest of iran.

have a look at this map: that's the caspian oil secured by way of peshmerga kurds.

and this for the south and gulf. this is all the area they need control, basically."

And then I read this from AFP:
Kurds Threaten Attacks on Iran

MOUNT QANDIL, Iraq, 7 May 2006 — A top Kurdish guerilla yesterday threatened to launch hit-and-run attacks on Iran, saying the Shiite country planned to bomb his group’s positions inside Iraq to gain Turkey’s support against the US. “We have the right to launch attacks against Iranian forces,” said Cemil “Cuma” Bayik, the de facto leader of the feared Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), a quasi-Socialist rebel movement entrenched in a decades-long guerilla war for independence in the majority Kurdish southeast of Turkey…
Remember the No Fly Zones?


At Sunday, May 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel is using the Kurds to attack Iran. Read Plan B by Seymour Hersh

At Sunday, May 07, 2006, Blogger Unknown said...

British Foreign Minister, Straw, got sacked. Paving the way for military confrontation.

My odds right now - 60-40.

At Sunday, May 07, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Outstanding analysis.

I have an exam today. But, it looks likes these lunatics are about to drop the next shoe.

At Sunday, May 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncle scam unilaterally imposed no fly zones in iraq ostensibly to protect the kurds from being bombed by saddam’s airforce.
That no fly zone scam
surely rank as one of the worst betrayal of the century.
Sadly the kurds are now doing uncle’s bidding,
Fool me once same on you,
Fool me twice....

At Sunday, May 07, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

Great post


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