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Israel is HELL-bent on dropping THE BOMB

This is no idle prediction. Israelis won't admit that they have it, but they're not afraid to use it.

Anyone who thinks for a second that Israel wouldn't dare demonstrate its nuclear capacity on Iran, can wakeup now.

If Israel is not forced [by US] to refrain, it's not a matter of IF they will use their nuclear arsenal, but simply WHEN and under what treacherous circumstance.

They didn't build them to put on a shelf - I don't care what so-called "leftist" Israeli alternatives are being leaked through the Zionist controlled media. Israelis are Hell-bent on demonstrating their nuclear supremacy.

And anyone who doubts that Israel would launch a nuclear attack on Iran need look no further than their massive assault on the civilian population of Lebanon last month, and their daily ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The official Israeli policy [remains] that the international community must use sanctions to pressure Iran to halt its weapons research.

In a speech before the UN General Assembly last week, Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni , said the international community "is faced with no greater responsibility than to stand against this dark and growing danger -- not for Israel's sake, but for its own." [that's a veiled threat, btw]

Nevertheless, the failure so far of US-led efforts to rally the UN Security Council has forced Israelis to ask "what if?"

For one, there is a new sense that the United States, bogged down in Iraq, will be unwilling to take on Iran militarily if diplomacy fails, according to Shai Feldman, director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University.

"For the moment, Iran seems to be dealing with a very, very strong hand," Feldman said in an interview, citing high oil prices and new influence in the region. "If there weren't these new considerations there would have been greater confidence in Israel that if all diplomacy failed that the United States would act militarily to stop Iran. There is a growing assessment in Israel that the United States might have no choice but to let this program go through."

There is also a deepening suspicion that any Israeli military strike would only embolden the Iranians, while doing little to prevent the country from ultimately acquiring a nuclear arsenal.

Unlike the Israeli airstrike against the Iraqi program, Iran's project is believed to be spread across multiple underground sites, many of them secret. Iran is also significantly farther than Iraq, making it more difficult for Israeli aircraft to travel undetected. Another complication: Any Israeli mission would be viewed as approved by Washington -- whether it is or not -- because the US military controls the Iraqi airspace through which Israeli jets would probably have to fly.

They've just outlined a litany of reasons why dropping THE BOMB is their most strategic option. And they are not afraid to do it.
A senior Israeli diplomat said the Israeli government has no formal planning underway for how to respond to a nuclear Iran. [BULLSHIT.] But the official, who declined to be identified while discussing internal deliberations, acknowledged that a quiet debate is going on at the highest levels about what to do if, for example, Iran conducts a surprise nuclear test. [BULLSHIT - you can be sure that any surprise attacks will be Israeli.]

Yehezkel Dror, a member of the government commission reviewing the recent 34-day conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, is among those raising such questions. He maintains that Israel must have a new plan to deal with the prospect that it will wake up one day to find that Iran has the bomb.

He said in a recent article that some "red lines" would have to be laid down so that Iranians fully understand the kind of "heavy" response that would come from Israel if it felt threatened; for example, Israel might publicly state that [!!!] --->any missile originating from Iranian territory would have to be assumed to be a nuclear attack. <---[!!!]

"If efforts to prevent fanatical enemies from acquiring weapons of mass killing fail, TOTAL DETERRENCE may often be the only effective counter stance," Dror asserts. "This requires an image of UNSHAKEABLE WILL and assured capacity to ANNIHILATE any country that causes grievous harm to Israel, even after Israel is devastated."
There is no two ways to interpret this. Israelis are plotting to drop THE BOMB on Iran.


What's for certain, Feldman said, is that the unfolding debate will be fierce.

"Some will argue that it is not the Cold War -- you are talking about people who welcome death," he said, referring to Islamic extremists in Iran. "But there will be new pressures to sharpen Israel's deterrence and the perception about its ability to retaliate."

This is no exaggeration - the world sits at the edge of nuclear abyss.

For the past three years the United States military has been positioning itself to defend against any retaliatory attacks against Israel after they've done their deed. But, make no mistake, it won't be the United States that drops the next Nuclear Bomb - it will be Israel.

And when it happens, the world as we know it will officially cease to exist.


UPDATE: What did I tell you? they're itching to use it - it's just a matter of time.


At Tuesday, September 26, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

This is a comment from a reader who's having trouble registering at eblogger. Until I can figure out what's wrong, I'm going to post it on his behalf.

I hope that's okay with you, Bob.

I still cant register on your site so I'm sending this comment directly. No one, except Dick Cheney, knows what's going to happen on either side of the Atlantic. Israel might do it, or Bush might. The neocons and Bush are crazy enough, in their separate ways; and perhaps Israel is too. But now we have two possible scenarios -- one more than you allow. It's also possible that someone in the Israeli establishment thinks that attacking Iran would be suicidal for Israel, if not now within a short while. And there are many within the US who think the same of the idea of the US attacking. So, now we have four scenarios.

In many cases there's no need to see four sides of the issue, but when you're talking about nuclear war and the end of history, certainty isnt convincing, and furthermore, it makes the wrong kind of people nervous and inclined to do irrational things.

Israel is not the US. It can not necessarily get away with something the US might get away with. And Israel is not suicidal. Israel's involvement in attacking Iran is more likely to be taking part in some false flag operation -- an attack on Tel Aviv, for example, or perhaps an attack on Iran that looks like a US attack, provoking a counter-attack by the US.

What you're trying to say is Israel is more determined to push its grand plan in the Middle East than any of us recognize -- but that is not the same as saying the die is already cast.

Last night I heard Ray McGovern, a very sober and persuasive person, say he was nearly certain the attack would come from the US, before the elections. He left a little room for doubt, and so should you.

AND NOW FOR THE ISSUE THAT REALLY BOTHERS ME: When I attempt to register at blogger.com, I always get the message that my user name is not available. It cant be true -- believe me I've tried some weird ones. There's no help for this in blogger help, and no way I can see to talk to a live person there. Do you know of any way to talk to blogger.com directly?


Now for my reply.

I agree that it's totally insane to even contemplate doing something like this. I also understand your concern about discussing things like this, but this is so insane that I hardly believe anyone would do something like this just because I suggested it's possible.

I don't take making predictions lightly. I am not confident that this is what they will do(Israel, or maybe the US), but the ramifications are so grave that even the possibility should be discussed - it could actually bring them back to their senses.

As far as the separation between Israel and the US - frankly, I don't think there really is a separation. The people who control Israel control the US - or if you prefer, the other way around - it really doesn't matter.

The majority of the PEOPLE in either country have no say whatsoever, and are the ones who suffer the consequences. So, it really doesn't matter that there are some sane people out there - as long as the ones in control are out of their minds.

There are very few people in positions of power in this world. They control NATIONS - not us.

But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

There are many ways to exert power - brute force is one of them, but so too is influence through reason, knowledge, and love. And the latter is infinitely more effective - but it needs a mechanism through which it can be delivered. The internet is that mechanism.

We have to use it while we can. I had to put this out there because I feel so strongly that the people in power are seriously, SERIOUSLY considering a nuclear attack against Iran. And the only thing that will stop them is a realization that on the day after, the rest of the world would KNOW, who, why, and HOW it all happened.

If they bomb Iran, they're doing it because they believe it will help them HOLD ON to control - not make them lose it.


RE: your technical problems with blogger - I'm hoping to move the blog to its own domain by January, so that ought to solve it. In the meantime, I'll see if I can get a hold of them.


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