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"Help!! I'm Down to my Last--GASP!-- 2.7 Billion"

Can You Help this Billionaire and stave off her imminent collapse, preventing her from winding up on the streets?

Time to sell that 103 million dollar yacht, which was appraised at 70 million last year. Let someone else have that 212' long floating palace with it's banquet room and cinema and nine guest rooms.

Shari, didn't all those taxes Carnival, which is based in Florida, evaded paying to Uncle Sam help out? How about all that extra money you pocketed by evading US Labor Laws?

Ohh, the horrors never stop!
CARNIVAL Cruise heiress Shari Arison is unloading some of her luxurious possessions. The Israeli-American billionaire put her 211-foot yacht, My Shanti, on the block for $103 million this week. Shari and her brother, Carnival CEO Micky Arison, inherited portions of their father Ted Arison's fortune when he died, but due to the flailing cruise business, the siblings are hurting for cash. It was reported that Shari -- once labeled the richest woman in the Middle East by Forbes -- is "down to her last $2.7 billion." Carnival, the Arison Foundation and the yacht broker all declined to comment.

"Only 103 Million, folks, do I hear a bid for this luxurious playtoy?


The biding will start as soon as the downtrodden Shari returns with her yacht from her Mediterranean cruise.

Uhh, Shari, you didn't visit that SLC on the eastern shores of the shores of the Mediterranean that asks no questions if you make "aliyah" to the Mother Ship with suitcases brimming with cash, did you?

Ever meet Bernie Madoff at your Bank Hapoalim?



At Monday, March 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be an automatic death-penalty for demons that are iniquitous enough to spend hundreds of millions on themselves.


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