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My thesis: Mormon Church originated as a SEX cult

An apologist answers the question "Why do people say Mormonism is a cult?" (1:32 min)

(posted on a message board; minor revision for this post for lay readers)

We know Joseph Smith invented Book of Mormon (abbreviated BOM) with the help of conspiring fellows Sidney Rigdon and perhaps Oliver Cowdery to scam the gullible people for money.

Let us consider the possibility that, besides money and control as appealing factors for Joseph Smith's (JS) motive in perpetrating a monstrous fraud, Mormon religion was invented to control female subordinates (as second-class citizens) to exploit for sexual relations.

JS came up with polygamy as a convenient excuse derived from his claim that this practice was God's commandment to "replenish" the Earth...to snag as many girls and women as possible to have sex with. See the web link "The Wives of Joseph Smith" for a list that number 34.

I deduce that not only was JS a malignant narcissist with messiah complex (seeking riches to avoid physical labor [yes, he was lazy, arduous labor to convincingly fabricate BOM notwithstanding] after dissatisfaction with minimal profit as a treasure digger, using his extraordinary intellect and charm as the weapon to fool enough people to believe and follow him) but also a sex addict.

However, JS's true motive why he chose to create the religion remain a mystery because maybe much of the documents -- his own surviving writings in hundreds of letters, before and after the creation of religion, whether he was in fact literate or semi-literate (1st edition BOM was rife with poor grammar and misspellings) -- is lost so there might not be forensic examination to develop a scientifically credible psychological profile whether JS meets the criteria of narcissism, borderline personality disorder, sexual addiction, etc.

IMO, JS was a sex addict who used his charm to get into the "panties" of young women behind his first wife Emma's back, because he created the religion as a cover to exploit women sexually.

The present Mormon religion retains its origin as a sex cult starting with JS's womanizing and followers/successors' practice of pre-manifesto polygamy.

My theory: this is due to the socio-cultural and -psychological pressure to marry at a young age to begin sexual relations "immediately" within the legally recognized (and 'morally sanctioned' in LDS cult leaders' attitude) boundaries of a traditional marriage before childbearing become part of their young married lives (either start bearing "now" or postpone until higher education and/or ascension of socioeconomic status is attained so they can afford bearing children without burden).

An example that clearly demonstrates the Mormon Church's pressure beseeching young married people to forthwith bear children regardless of their accomplishment in education and socioeconomic status can be found in a 1987 sermon "To the Mothers of Zion."

I know some young Mo people want to get married in the temple so they can start having sex without shame and guilt, like my younger sister who got married at 19 to a RM [returned missionary] man whom she met a couple quarters back.

Young men opt to serve on the mission with two primary goals in mind: honorable reputation as "servant for the Lord" and, depending on personality and attitude, exponentially improve the chance of dating and getting married to TBM [True Believing Mormon] women at the temple in the short time possible so they can get laid with the leaders' blessings to reap the benefits of a sociologically indispensable stature in prestige.

For the LDS Cult leaders, two things are prerequisite to complete mind control by obedience.

1) Control the single Mormon faithfuls by psychological pressure that marriage is preferable to solitary or single life, and;

2) Control the married Mormon faithfuls by the burden of "frequent" childbearing that keep them preoccupied for life until at least the middle age. Of course, top that with "culturally mandatory" tithes and unpaid volunteer services (bishopric, etc).

Is it any wonder why the normal society look down on fundamentalist LDS sects as perverted and immoral, because older men control girls and women by power and, most egregiously, medieval sexual improprieties to molest and impregnate the younger victims?

The whole travesty lies with JS who created the religion partially to exploit girls and women under the cover of divine guidance to fuel his desire for the pleasure of sexual indulgence with multiple flavors.

LDS Cult, present and past, is not different from Raelian UFO cult in a particular aspect.

By controlling the victims' sex lives through instilling the fear of spiritual retribution, you control them. This is the strategy of the LDS Cult leaders, notably Apostle Boyd K. Packer who condemns male masturbation as sinful & filthy in the priesthood sermon in 1976 and, most recently, April 2009. Not different from Catholic Church, either.


At Sunday, April 12, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they're actually athiests, therefore everything is the fault of infidels. =P

At Friday, April 17, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

The Rajneesh cult was nothing but a sex cult. I recall an interview with the Bhagwan near the end of his life where he stated "I've been tortured all my life by small breasted women." The cult was known for its wild mass orgies and taking over the town of Antelope, Oregon and making public nudity in Antelope legal.

I saw the Rajneesh people in Seattle back in the 80's - you could tell who they were by their tie dyed purple/orange wear and their beads. I saw several of them going in and out of porno shops downtown.

Fritz Springmeier (Bloodlines of the Illuminati) claimed that Rajneesh was a Cochin Jew.

At Tuesday, April 28, 2009, Blogger Jordan said...

Wow, you are really uneducated. Maybe you should get your facts from other than disenfranchised mormons. Sidney Rigdon didn't meet Joseph Smith until 1830 and the Book of Mormon was first published in 1828. Hmmm, so how did Sidney Rigdon help Joseph write the Book of Mormon then?

Joseph was 23 when the Book of Mormon was published. You show me how someone with a 3rd grade education can write an almost 600 page book covering an entire 1000 year history of an ancient civilization that lived on the American continent. Include a complicated, unique government system, an entirely new monetary system, the use of chaismus (which wasn't even discovered until the 1930's in ancient judaic writings) and ancient customs that weren't discovered until the dead sea scrolls came about.

But, you'll believe the writings of those that hate the Mormons because, if the Mormons were right, then you'd be wrong. If you want a real history, get something else then some of those ridiculous books you're quoting, where only those with an IQ of 70 would believe. "Rough Stone Rolling" is the definitive biography on Joseph Smith that was put together by a professor at Columbia University. Non-Mormon scholars now refer to this book as the definitive source. Personally though, I think you're just pissed off at your younger sister.

P.S. Don't try quoting History of the Hebrews as to where Joseph got his info. That was debunked about 110 years ago.

At Sunday, December 26, 2010, Blogger TD said...

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At Sunday, December 26, 2010, Blogger TD said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Sunday, December 26, 2010, Blogger TD said...

A quote from the false prophet- Joseph Smith:

Come on! ye prosecutors! ye false swearers! All hell, boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! for I will come out on the top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet. You know my daily walk and conversation. I am in the bosom of a virtuous and good people. How I do love to hear the wolves howl! When they can get rid of me, the devil will also go.

Huge mistake to EVER think you have done more than Jesus did! That is the huge problem with the mormon church, is the members are so caught up in the lie that they will be equal as God, that they make themselves better than everyone else! This in itself is a serious sin! There is no humility within the mormon church, and most of all there is no love either, except for it's family members. A true believer in Jesus humbles himself, puts Jesus first and loves everyone.

At Sunday, December 26, 2010, Blogger TD said...

And by the way Jordan,

Jesus Church never left as the gates of hell never prevailed against it! It's a loving relationship with Jesus and each other that gets us to Heaven, not anything else!

At Friday, February 10, 2012, Blogger Unknown said...

Regardless, mormonism inflicts such psychological trauma in a most invidious, despicable way. The organization at large I can only hope will be charged with blatant disregard for and severe sociopathalogically motivated abuse. These LDS leaders are culpable of heinous crimes and must be prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

At Sunday, May 19, 2013, Blogger barry lyndon said...

my photo of me in mormon temple cloths and also take a look at the dummy as thats what every active latter day saint=mormon wears under their every day cloths and nightime as well.this is what they wear in any one of their mormon temples,except the mask,

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