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Israeli opinion after Qana - MIND BOGGLING

And you thought the massacre was outrageous - you aint seen nothing yet.
To underscore Israel’s defiance of international opinion, Mr Olmert declared last night: “The fighting is continuing . . . There is no ceasefire and there will be no ceasefire in coming days.”

He added: “We will pursue Hezbollah at any place and at any time and we will not permit it to regain its capacities . . . We are paying a high and sad price in [Lebanese] human lives, in destruction [but] we will not renounce our right to live normally without the threat of terrorism.”

Mr Olmert’s defiance is rooted in ROCK-SOLID domestic support. Polls show 80-95 per cent support for continued strikes, with no evidence that the Qana killings or last week’s bombing of a UN observer post caused a flicker of the needle.
Not to be out-done by their madman-in-chief, the Israeli public chimes in with their own fetid quotes. . .
“The Israel Defence Forces is the most moral army in the world”
--Eli Yishai, Trade and Industry Minister

* * *

“We Won't Fold”
--Ma’ariv newspaper

* * *

“We are not hesitating, apologising or relenting. If the rocket fire at Israel continues from Qana, we will continue to bomb Qana. Today, tomorrow, the day after that. HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE. The children of Qana could be sleeping peacefully in their homes now, if the messengers of Satan had not taken over their land and turned our children’s lives into hell”
--Ben Caspit, Ma’ariv

* * *

“Every air force sortie WAS JUST ASKING FOR an on-camera tragedy like the one at Qana yesterday. IT WAS JUST A QUESTION OF TIME and it is clear that the tragedy is playing into the hands of Hezbollah”
--Nadav Eyal, Ma’ariv

* * *

Ehud Olmert today faces the first real test of his leadership since the outbreak of the war in Lebanon. Will he panic in the face of the international media lynching over the deaths of civilians at Qana, and order a halt to the war, or ****will he keep his composure and continue with the military action UNTIL HIS POLITICAL AIMS ARE ACHIEVED.**** Ten years ago a panic-stricken Shimon Peres ordered an immediate halt to Operation Grapes of Wrath [after the first Qana disaster]. In the end, the convoluted agreements reached with Hezbollah then were the root cause of the present fighting
--Hagai Huberman, Hatzofe newspaper
Let's see. I seem to recall our own personal madman declaring that "Terrorists" are people "who will blow up innocent people in order to achieve tactical objectives." It seems fairly obvious that Israel is a terrorist state like no other.
“I think the war’s a necessary evil. It needs to happen to make the border safe. Unfortunately the ‘evil’ is innocents getting hurt. But I blame Hezbollah for that”
--Stephen Smith, a broker
Nevermind that under this financial wizard's twisted cost/benefit analysis it's always the Lebanese people who DIE, for Israel's benefit.

And finally, the most DAMNING quote of all . . .

“I’M STAYING. [!!!!!!!] I have more chance of winning the lottery than being hit by a Katyusha [missile].[!!!!!!!] We are suffering too much from Hezbollah. They should get in there, finish the whole thing and get it done once and for all”
--Freddy Masika, lottery kiosk operator in Kiryat Shemona
BINGO, buddy! You just hit the jackpot!

Kiryat Shemona is in the northern-most part of Israel. He just proved that Israel is turning a nation into rubble - right before our eyes - and murdering hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians to prevent rocket attacks that are less likely to hit one of its citizens - in the northern-most part of Israel - than its citizens are likely to win the lottery.

When was the last time any of you won the lottery?

I rest my case.

The state of Israel is an abject failure - time to go back to the drawing board.

Please, spread it far and wide.

Thanks, Todd.


At Tuesday, August 01, 2006, Blogger The Sphinx said...

“I’M STAYING. I have more chance of winning the lottery than being hit by a Katyusha [missile]. We are suffering too much from Hezbollah"

Isn't that the most contradictive statement you've ever heard in your life?

At Tuesday, August 01, 2006, Blogger Christopher Jon Bjerknes said...

That is why you should listen to the interviews at:


At Tuesday, August 01, 2006, Blogger ksdrover said...

I know this article is almost 3 weeks old but look at the statement released by the 'israeli' government.


Beirut - infoZine - - Israel must allow relief convoys safe entry into and passage inside Lebanon, and take all feasible precautions to avoid attacking them, Human Rights Watch said today.

In a July 19 statement on its website, an IDF spokesperson said that the IDF had carried out aerial attacks on "Trucks carrying weaponry, including four trucks in the Beka valley area carrying weapons from Syria to Lebanon." When told that the trucks appeared to be carrying food, an IDF spokesperson, according to the Washington Post, responded, "We attack only terror targets that relate to Hezbollah and their terror infrastructure."

It says that there are no comments on this article because they DELETED the comments I posted, not only that they refuse to grant me a 'membership'.

Regardless of how many damning statements they make nothing is going to turn back the clock or undo what is being done.

Bottom line. Where is this going to end up? Where will it stop? Not until all the OTHER nations of the world stand at the threshhold of 'wiping "israel" off of the face of the earth'. That is the time we live in folks get prepared because forward lies great darkness and much suffering.

Something wicked this way comes.


At Tuesday, August 01, 2006, Blogger ksdrover said...

"baiken said...
Mel Gibson was right."

He hasn't got a clue. Otherwise he wouldn't be mincing words, he'd be beating down the door.


At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse my French - but what a load of lying bullshit!!! I was always aware that politicians lied with impunity, but for Israel and the US to continue their lies in the face of wanton death and destruction both in Lebanon and Palestine is detestable and repugnant, and further bears false witness to the untold civilian deaths in the region. The whole world should know why every man, woman, child and infant lost their life. Only the truth can honor their memory.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ks, regarding Mel -

He's running scared right now. The Zionists have him jumping through hoops to salvage what reputation he has left. And it's just very sad. They've been itching to nail him to a cross ever since TPOTC - laying in wait like a serpent.

But really - did you ever hear of a Jewish police officer? The force must pay really well in Malibu.

Now another source surfaced indicating Mel was on a suicide mission on that fateful morning. So I have to wonder - did someone already get to him on some level that was upsetting enough for him to fall off the wagon? We will never know.

Definitly no Lethal Weapon here....

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Admin said...

If Lebanon turned the tide and started pushing the Israeli army back, I wonder how long it would take the spinster Rice to get on a jet and get peace talks going?

I'm guessing she'd be on her way in minutes and when she got to the middle east would immediately threaten Lebanon with U.S. troops entering the fight.

At Wednesday, August 02, 2006, Blogger Eosforos Iapeteides said...

the Jews and JFK! Interesting story check it out: http://truthandsimplicity.blogspot.com


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