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America is bleeding from the JUGULAR

[T]he deficit will begin rising sharply in the next decade, perhaps as early as 2011, when the first wave of baby boomers hit 65. And it will require real political courage to stop the hemorrhaging.
I'll say. The last president who had the balls to do something 'to stop the hemorrhaging' got his brains blown out.
By 2026, the Congressional Budget Office projected recently, the federal debt could equal the nation's annual economic growth, if nothing is done. At that point the INTEREST on the debt would begin to explode, so that it becomes stifling to pay off.
Any IDIOT can see that. It takes a corrupt one, however, to stand there and let it happen.
David Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor's, a major credit-rating agency, said U.S. government bonds would achieve junk-bond status by 2026 if changes are not made.

Why wait until 2026? Let's junk them NOW and save tons of interest!

Under his proposal, Bush would trim about $36 billion from Medicare spending over the next five years.

We're bleeding from the jugular and Bush wants to chop off our limbs and throw our sick and elderly to the sharks. But, that's not enough.

The Medicare proposal "pushes the envelope, but it's a very small envelope," said Rudy Penner, a former economics adviser to President Gerald Ford and once the head of the Congressional Budget Office. It illustrates how much austerity would have to be imposed on the American people, he said, in order to bring the deficit under control.
Once our blood's in the water, there's no turning back.
Wyss said Congress and the White House essentially have five years to come up with a real program to deal with future deficits and avoid future harm to the economy.

Who needs five years? My plan can be implemented immediately in TWO easy steps. Print interest-free bills, throw bonds in garbage. Presto! We have our lives back.

Other major countries, those in Europe and Japan, face similar problems in dealing with the higher cost of elderly populations, he said.

So, they persuade their people to die young. And you should, too!
"Printing more money to solve the problems is not the solution," he said. "Germany tried that in the 1930s. It didn't work."
Not if we start from scratch! Issue new bills and VOID all those phony obligations that you and your partners in crime swindled from us through fractional reserve banking at INTEREST!


At Tuesday, February 07, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Qrswave, u forget Judeo-"Sadduceans," with their Jews-media have iron grip upon elders and the "Judeo-Christians"--they're doing fine, evidently, so far as they're concerned.

What u and we need is a REVOLUTION, nothing less. Unfortunately things just gotta get worse. In meantime we plot and prepare. At least u're trying to help with ur blogs. Apollonian

At Tuesday, February 07, 2006, Blogger AJ said...

"..What u and we need is a REVOLUTION, nothing less..."

Unfortunately, if it comes down to that, it will not be called " a revolution".

The people that still have jobs, and a mortgage will still wish to keep them...

At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Yes, I think u bring up an absolutely pertinent point--it IS a problem, these folks who are "bought" and paid for, invested in the system. But that's always been true with all revolutions. When these "invested" folk are strong, hey, there ain't gonna be no revolution as they'll see to it, supporting the establishment. But when and as there get to be fewer and fewer of these people, their strength naturally lessens and recedes, obviously. Intellectually, the present regime is DEAD as these creatures are essentially exposed as the foul, gross, totally corrupt murderers and traitors they really are. Don't fail to check David Ray Griffin's latest, "Why Official Account CANNOT Be Believed," regarding the WTC Tower demolitions--there's no doubt now they were DEMOLISHED by means of literally hundreds of demolition-type explosions attested to by hundreds of NYC firefighters whose testimony has come out fm Aug 05--and there's other absolutely compelling, overwhelming, conclusive evidence which Griffin devastatingly exposits. U gotta ck it out.

But hey, as qrswave can well tell us, things will get worse economically as the inflation fm deficit spending continues to get worse.

I'd say thing we should most keep in circulation is New Testament Conspiracy theory-template by which we definitively identify the criminal perpetrators, the Judeo-"Sadducean" conspiracy ("Sadduceans" consisting of such as Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al.) along with the "scribes" (corrupt lawyers and officials), elders, and then the imperialist mammon-worshippers and -addicts.

Thanks for ur note. Apollonian


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