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When in doubt, DISTRACT and CONFUSE

There's an old adage among trial lawyers: "If the facts are on your side, argue the facts. If the law is on your side, argue the law. If you have neither, confuse the jury."

Attorneys for former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay and former Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling are clearly focused on the confusion strategy.
Keep in mind that the investing public paid the price for Lay and Skilling's greed and dishonesty, and now the public at large is paying the price for their lawyers' tricks and obfuscations.
Lay and Skilling knowingly lied to the investing public about Enron's financial condition, when they were well aware the company's finances were crumbling.

The motive? Greed. Hueston [the prosecutor] charged that Lay and Skilling were trying to keep the stock price up, so they could sell out before the company collapsed.
Behind every man's PAIN and SUFFERING there is almost always another man's GREED and SELFISHNESS.

It's up to you to stay informed and alert to how the world is turning. You cannot fight what you have not identified.


At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

"Distraction and confusion"--wasn't that purpose of "bread and circuses" of ancient Rome? And do u thing it's why Jews so totally control the Jews-media. Thank goodness for internet and bloggers of patrioticalness. On Jews-media, ck Natall.com (or org, I forget), frontpage, very bottom, middle column, "Who Controls America?" Apollonian

At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

I think the internet is soon to take a hit. I've heard something about privatizing it. this would be a disaster.


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