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aaawwww, how cute!

Little Israeli angels, ranging from age 3-9, sending their "blessings" to Palestinians from a rooftop, with a mother and an IDF soldier standing by.


Here's ONE of how they act when they get a little older.

Then of course, everyone is familiar with this CLASSIC.

Below, at 2:25, is a scene that shows what happens when Palestinian children throw stones at soldiers from a rooftop.

Thanks, Sabbah


At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

zionist terrorist swine teach ther childs to be terrorists too at a young age. not content to just steal the land they must terrorize those who remain. i am disgusted. the zionists terrorist filth even reject the Isa (peace be upon him) aka Jesus, and yet they get the support of the christians. these parents of the mini terrorists need to definatly face the sharia courts, and id like to be ther to witness the punishments. for the mini terrorists perhaps some education about the zionist holocaust against the arabs.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger M. Shahin said...

It is sad how children are taught to hate by adults.

These children don't know any better, but once they reach a certain age, it is their responsibility to speak out, because adults know right from wrong, or at least you would think, but I guess this is not the case always, because some of these kids grow up to support the killing of children in Lebanon and Palestinians.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

and if you speak up and condemn these terrorist actions , you become anti jewish. what a terrible mindset. perhaps ther parents could be used to clear the mine fields and cluster bombed areas of lebanon, tramplers ? put them to use, this would have a two pronged effect of making the mined areas of lebanon safer for the people ther, and punishing the zionist terrorist swine.

At Sunday, September 10, 2006, Blogger gnostalgia said...

Ah memories. The settler children are particuarly vicious. They kick, spit, scream, throw rocks, and a favorite game is trying to rip off the head scarves and lift the dresses of women. I have seen this. It happens every day. This is part of the humiliation experience for Arabs in the occupied areas.

The soldiers seem to think it's amusing. They sometimes make a pretense of stopping them but without much effort.

Of course, if a Palestinian kid throws a rock at a TANK he gets shot in the head.

Those Israeli kids were hauing some darn big rocks. Geez.

At Monday, September 11, 2006, Blogger The Great Revealer said...

gnostalgia, I know what you mean. It's really injustice what these Zionists get away with, especially with America's support. But now they have stolen/taken USA, Germany's etc weapons tech (i.e. German nuclear subs, etc), and can literally nuke the entire world.

Sad thought that the Ashkenazis are planning this, as the ultimate finale. The question is, these Khazars have a very obvious weakness:

-- Rothschild and company are very cowardly and fear death/irrelevance the most. The ironic thing is that the more they "push" the faster their process into oblivion occurs. It's a simple law of physics: "For every reaction there's an equal and opposite reaction." This is similar to the Taoist and Buddhist understanding of KARMA. They are creating their own destruction, with no one to shed a tear for them once they disappear.

I question their greed and methods. They are essentially through their massive perversion, they are taking the entire planet with them. Don't they see that now they are better off. If they choose to "push" us, don't they realize that there are 6.5 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet will fight back. How stupid can they be?!!

I can only hope the Ashkenazis figure out that it's a ZERO-SUM GAME. They can't win, no matter what.

But there is something we can do. Think about that for a second. What can each of us do to make a difference?! Think hard, and I'm sure you will come up with something -- I have. When they push, let's be ready.

At Monday, September 11, 2006, Blogger dusty said...

The video is so haunting.

I am so sick of Israel playing the victim when they are the agressors..sounds like Bush and his cadre of killers doesn't it?


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