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Pyroclastic Flows - 9/11’s ‘Smoking Gun’

When I first saw scenes of the towers collapsing, with clouds of smoke billowing through the streets of lower Manhattan, I knew that I had seen it before. But, I couldn't say where. Now, I know.
The US Geological Survey website provides us with a definition of a pyroclastic flow as a ground hugging avalanche of hot gas and debris. The rising gas chimney is clearly visible in this photo of the North Tower implosion, with pyroclastic flows between buildings. The cauliflower shape of the debris cloud is a telltale sign of pyroclastic flows generated by massive explosions, typical of volcanic eruptions and controlled demolitions.

A pyroclastic surge can even flow over water as hot gases carry dust created by explosive energy. Here, the South Tower implosion creates a pyroclastic surge, moving out over the Hudson river.

Once again, our definition of a pyroclastic flow: hot gases carrying dust and debris flow along the ground with a fluid motion. It requires explosive energy to generate the necessary heat, dust, and debris. Turbulence and fluidization of debris are characteristic.
Seeing this footage of pyroclastic flows from volcanic eruptions juxtaposed alongside those that erupted from the collapsing towers will make your jaw drop - it did mine. This is - literally - 9/11's smoking gun.

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At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Pyroclastic flows are features of volcanic eruptions, not building collapses.

Nice job shooting yourself in the foot.

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

you're an idiot.

there's a video linked of a controlled demolition with a pyroclastic flow and the world trade center DEMOLITION looks exactly like it.

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger gnostalgia said...

Once again, the world's dullest and thickest troll fails to comprehend the post and mouths off anyway.

According to The Volcanological Sociey of Japan, pyroclastic flows from volcanic eruption hold a strong similarity to the result of building demolition. That is the valid comparison being used here and completely ignored or denied by SOT, who liked to cover up truth and challenges to the status quo propaganda. I'm not saying it's conclusive prrof of anything on it's own but it is a valid scientific comparison and considering all of the other damning evidence, there is no logical reason to casually dismiss it.

This explaination is of course printed here for other more sincere readers and genuine seekers of information since I know that SOT will ignore it and continue to attempt to distract and obfuscateor call me a Nazi. :)

As lava blocks are detached from dome front, these materials are broken into smaller pieces, similar to the action of building demolition by dynamite. The shocks of landing and collision triggered sudden expansion of high-pressure gas sealed within the pores of the lava dome. Cuntinuous effusion of gas from lava pieces during movement probably produces fluidal movement of pyroclastic flow. Successive rockfalls observed here have induced relatively large flows. The frontal cliff of lava dome in this photographs is about 50 m high. (photos by Tadahide Ui, on 2s February 1992)

An analysis by Jim Hoffman argues that pyroclastic flows such as the WTC dust cloud must expand primarily by thermal heating. He reduced the calculated expansion volume by 33%, to account for turbulent mixing with surrounding air. Hoffman shows that even after this correction, the pyroclastic flow from the North Tower collapse expanded to approximately three times the original volume of the tower. According to Hoffman, this expansion is due to either heating of the air mass within the towers, or boiling of the water contents of the concrete. However, http://www.controlled-demolition.com/images/client/kingdome.mpg shows that the Kingdome demolition also generated a vast dust cloud, although only ordinary demolition charges were used. I've undertaken a preliminary and inconclusive photogrammetric analysis of the Kingdome demolition at: http://www.911-strike.com/kingdome.htm

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger Michael Price said...


Sword of Lies is not the sharpest sword in the rack, or else he would have figured that out.

SOT's stupidity doesn't hurt this blog at all. In fact, his weak arguments help our cause.

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger lesliemai said...

sadly sword also re enforces negative stereotypes about the Jewish faith. unable to seperate zionist terrorist types from the peaceful Jewish people causes some less informed to tar all with same brush, as is happen in the west with Islam

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...

But as long as he gets his comment in first, someone looking for something that defends their views will see that and immediately dismiss this article.

At Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Blogger ksdrover said...

"Pyroclastic flows" are also known as turbidity. One of the characteristics for the existence of turbidity, whether it is an underwater landslide, a volcanic eruption or the implosion of a building, is a massive amount of matter released into the atmosphere instantaneously causing a cloud that looks like a liquid being poured out. The ONLY way for the existence of such an example at the site of the World Trade towers is the pulverization of the 47 reinforced concrete columns that made up the core of the building.

The absence of the presence of the columns in the aftermath further incriminates everyone concerned with the investigation because to overlook such a glaring piece of evidence points to collusion.

Watching the newly released home video shows the existence of a fine powder covering the entire area surrounding the towers which points directly to the pulverization of the columns because 'natural' collapses contain a great deal a chunks of debris. But again the total absence of such items prove that an aternative 'conspiracy' is far more plausible than the '19 terrorist hijackers' theory.

At Thursday, September 14, 2006, Blogger quasimodo said...

Does anybody remember Peter Jennings LIVE reports from Ground Zero ? Does anybody remember the Peter Jennings DEATH reports not long after ? Does anybody remember ever hearing about his autopsy report ? Probably not because it was never released. Has anyone caught the latest reports of 9-11 responders succumbing to a malady known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, with ever increasing frequency ? Does anyone know it is a smoking gun for major NUCLEAR exposure ? Incredible heat required to generate these pyroclastic flows is one thing, radioactive fallout is another. Wait until everybody figures out this was a NUKULAR OPERATION.

At Thursday, September 14, 2006, Blogger gnostalgia said...

Michael, I don't think SOT hurts the blog. I think his stupifity ranges from annoying to amusing. I guess I have a complusion to correct or expose obfusactory remarks.

At Thursday, September 14, 2006, Blogger MIT PhD. said...

What you are actually talking about is translational kinetic energy caused by the release of potential energy contained in any structure, one story tall or 100 stores tall. This energy is release when the building began to collapse.

KE=1/2 * m * v^2 where m=mass v=speed

Kinetic energy of an object is directly proportional to the square of its speed. That means that for a twofold increase in speed, the kinetic energy will increase by a factor of four. Making your "plumes" appear to be Pyroclastic flow which requires base energy exponential in comparison to any explosives used in demolition.

Comparing the two is like putting a marble in a glass jar full of water swirling it around, and calling the result a tornado.

Another thing to think about, your canon ball simulation shows the canon ball being fired AFTER the initial tower collapse, overlay the canon ball animation at the precise time the building "explodes" or in reality initially begins to collapse, and you are shown to be incorrect.

Not flaming you guys, however I do believe that if you want to "uncover the truth" your arguments need to be based on something other than internet searches and the media.

At Sunday, September 17, 2006, Blogger brookskof said...

mit phd, I could be reading you wrong, but you appear to have a bad case of "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

Kinetic energy in a standing structure can't create clouds of dust that start at the top floors. The energy must be transferred. Here they are referring to the flows of dust that started billowing out from the top down while the building was still falling. What you are describing would be clouds of dust created as the building crashed into the ground and starting from the ground. The transfer of kinetic energy doesn't destroy the building from the ground up as it falls so how are there billowing clouds of dust in the sky already?

At Sunday, September 17, 2006, Blogger YouRetards said...


I think what mitphd is saying is that there were 20 floors above the initial center of collaps and if you plug those numbers into the KE function you'll see that he is right.

from your interpretation of the collapse, where do you believe the KE is coming from? an explosion intended to bring the building down? remember demolition charges are shaped charges whos energy is pointed inward and focused in order to "cut" supports.

you're getting Kinetic energy mixed up with potential energy. wiki it real quick. then come back and say something else stupid.

remember don't let the internet make you think you're smarter than you actually are.

At Monday, September 18, 2006, Blogger patriot said...

Question for MIT Ph.D., or anyone else up to it:

How is it possible that the upper dozen floors of WTC 1 fell through one of the strongest structures ever made by humankind (the rest of the building below the plane-damaged floors) at free fall acceleration -- the same rate that a brick would have fallen through nothing but air?

Corallary question: if the floors "pancaked," as the official conspiracy theory guesses, then why did the 47 enormous central core box columns not remain standing or at least fall over into adjacent blocks? Why would they be broken (cut, obviously) into neat two-story lengths?

Might I venture that a hint at the correct answer can be found in the thermal photos taken aerially two weeks later which showed hot spots up to 1000 deg F in the rubble of WTC 1, 2, and 7......after MILLIONS of gallons of fire-fighting water had been sprayed on the areas?

Google "thermate" for your answer. And go ahead and BUY it on EBay; it is an unregulated, untagged, incendiary, which is why it was used for the operation.

At Monday, September 18, 2006, Blogger YouRetards said...


KE=1/2 * m * v^2 where m=mass v=speed (do the math, I assume you have this information to back up your statements) now remember class, the vertical speed (down) is -9.8 meters per second, per second. that means it gets faster. this all gets multiplied by each floor down. gravity, it's not just a good idea, it's the LAW. I guess you guys are going to impeech Bush for breaking the law of gravity?

as for the hot spots, I assume you were there digging out the rubble? or was it a friend of a friends, cousin? or let me guess...the media...... or better yet, Google Earth!!!! (hint look at the way the polynesians cook pork) apply the energy created above to the total remaining mass.

dude you more or less just answered your question when you said it was one of the "strongest structures ever made" (don't possibly understand how you would present that as fact) but how much POTENTIAL ENERGY do think that kind of strucure would have? why don't you Google that.

by the way, most of your gummy candy contains potassium nitrate(preservative) and sucralose(sugar). (Solid rocket fuel)... maybe "they" detonated all of the vending machines.

At Wednesday, September 20, 2006, Blogger paradigmshift said...

first off the vertical velocity down has nothing to do with 9.8m/s/s it initialy has vo=0 of course, you have confused acceleration of gravity (m/s/s) with velocity (m/s) and the only thing you will find from this analysis is a final velocity of a reference particle in the top 20 floors as a function of h lets say. You can find the time it will take the 20 top floors of mass m to reach the next stable layer where they will transfer some or all of the mgh (PE) energy to it. Of course there is an equal and opposite force applied back to the top 20 floors if the building can hold and if not some energy is absorbed by the lower stable layers reducing the overall PE and hence less KE hence less initial velocity for a subsequent calculation that will need to be made for every point in which the falling layer reaches a stable section below if you must continue simply using KE and PE equations. If there was no explosion, all of this would reduce the total time the building falls which is calculated with kinematic equations. As each layer comes to another stable floor there would be amounts of E absorbed along the way. You must adjust your calculations accordingly. PE=KE, mgh=1/2mv^2 or gh=(v^2)/2. h is the distance between the bottom of the 20 top floors and the next stable layer (not the ground), however analysis has shown that the building falls and has a final v that is equivalent to using the ground as the reference h or using an equation of motion (kinematic equation) h=vot + 1/2gt^2 where vo=0 and d = 80 storeys you will find the t closely resembles a free fall with no resistance anywhere in the remaining intact structure. Also tower 1 falls in approximately the same time with fewer floors above so your arguement fails there as well as per the PE .. I don't believe any of you have used a pencil and paper to do any calculations and are going on gut instincts or the fact that the truth may be unbelievable to a decent person which is fair and shows signs of a good hearted individual who is trusting but still does not change facts..stretching the imagination does not change the calculated "experimental" time that it took the tower(s - there are 3 you know) to fall which matches free fall equations known about for centuries. I also dont understand peoples attacks against searching for truth..somewhere in you there must be doubt or you would not be here.. maybe you are not ready to realize the good team is not the one you thought it was.. I find that the US has citizens with good intentions and morals but politics which varies widely from its population. Democracy has veered off course and is worsened as GWB gains more power (absolute power corrupts absolutely) why defend someone who refuses to cooperate with a population demading answers and has the right to get them? Also you have used PE translating into heat energy (after stating it has become KE) equivalent to the temperature of the earths core lasting weeks after being douced with millions of gallons of water as a defence. If you can defend this and reproduce it you deserve a Nobel prize. Also, citing temperatures doesn't need to be exclusive to people present or you would have a hard time proving a tree fell in a forest when it is lying in front of you.

At Wednesday, September 20, 2006, Blogger YouRetards said...

Quite the disertaion

"Of course there is an equal and opposite force applied back to the top 20 floors"

OOOhh I guess you really got me there.

Really?...sure you wana go with that? less KE as mass increases? and you're telling me I need to pick up a pencil?

"analysis has shown that the building falls and has a final v that is equivalent to using the ground as the reference "

Really, please enlighten us as to the location of this analysis and scientific method used. I'd be interested.

At Thursday, September 21, 2006, Blogger tardsisatard said...

this is paradigmshift on another account

Let the top of the building be the reference for starting time at collapse and stopping time when it hits

The time t required for an object to fall from a height h (in a vacuum) is given by the formula t = sqrt(2h/g), where g is the acceleration due to gravity. Thus an object falling from the top of one of the towers (taking h = 1306 feet and g = 32.174 ft/sec2) would take 9.01 seconds to hit the ground if we ignore the resistance of the air and a few seconds longer if we take air resistance into account which we should shouldnt we? there was air present wasnt there? ok so more like 12s or something. The Twin Towers each collapsed in less than fifteen seconds, close to free fall. Following the start of the collapse the upper floors would have had to shatter the steel joints in all 85 or so floors at the lower levels. If this required only one second per floor then the collapse would have required more than a minute (ok less time/floor as mass increases but it is still against Newtons 1st law that it fell straight down with a side impact in the first place and the time factor sure as hell wont start slow and fix itself as it goes down.. you slow something down it is slower..no matter what sure less time may be required for subsequent floors but it is slowed at each point). . But the material from the upper floors ploughed through the lower floors at a speed of at least six floors per second. This is possible only if all structural support in the lower 85 or so floors had been completely eliminated prior to the initiation of the collapse. Since the lower floors were undamaged by the plane impacts and the fires, the removal of all structural support in these floors must have been due to some other cause — and the most obvious possibility is explosives. Thus the speed of the collapse (not much more than the time of free fall) is conclusive evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down in a controlled demolition involving some outside force at all levels..try jumping off a building breaking through successive cloth awnings on the way while picking up mass as you go through.. you still won't land at free fall speed will you? No so shut up.

.. fuck your stupid increase mass whatever you are talking about.. only concern yourself with the goddam time it took the top of the tower to reach the ground.. why can't you grasp the most basic physics? It is not only proven here it is proven by countless physicists and scientists and is an acknowledged fact that the time is an anomaly. I didnt say less KE with increase mass I said the mass which strikes a solid layer has less KE than previously..then you start the calculation again with your new mass.. then this new KE is then dampened by the next layer etc etc.for each respective layer of falling material/mass portion in fall/ it has to give KE to the layers below true or false?..

2. the time of collapse is known. agreed? .. therefore its final velocity can be calculated. I only even used this since you were using equations that only deal with velocity as anything important since we know how tall the building is already and we already know gravity... I am not going to do everyting for you.. hence check it yourself with a pencil since you are so smart.. crissakes

dont you know one basic principle: more mass does not mean faster fall..that is the WHOLE POINT so all your stupid mass talk making the building fall faster is so ridiculous .. how did you graduate highschool? TIME TIME TIME .. that is all you need to look at.. how long did it take? what is freefall time? get those answers and shut up.

At Thursday, September 21, 2006, Blogger tardsisatard said...

mit phd. to let you know explosive energy is a form of KE for starters but of course it is magnitude that you address. and since I cannot prove I know what I am talking about and I could very easily state I have an MIT phd as well.. here is a video from someone who we know is from MIT who shows that the E of the KE is not sufficient to create pyroclastic flow hence that is why it is exclusive to volcanoes.. Thermite rxns generate heat similar to the earths core also ..

dont take my word for it.


also the cannon video is backed against a still image with the cannon at the reference of where the explosion occurred. The pattern is the important aspect. Upward motion. the downward KE would not translate up no way no how no matter how large it is .. objects in motion stay in motion.. etc. but your phd will tell you all about it.

At Thursday, September 21, 2006, Blogger tardsisatard said...

'KE=1/2 * m * v^2 where m=mass v=speed (do the math, I assume you have this information to back up your statements) now remember class, the vertical [acceleration] (down) is -9.8 meters per second, per second. that means it gets faster'.. it will get faster you are right and in this case it got faster in the same amount as a free fall is my point by discussing how the resistance should slow it down. The subsequent time found and the one expepected by calculation for free fall match..so you are unwittingly proving the point otherwise you can't use 9.8 m/s/s if you agree with the official pancake theory.


At Wednesday, September 27, 2006, Blogger Snarky said...

Pyroclastic flows are rather specific phenomenon associated with volcanos . Not 'controlled demolition''. Pyroclastic flows are superheated ash and other particulate matter, with a heat range of 100C to 800C. At even its lowest range of heat, a REAL pyroclastic flow would have boiled the skin of nearby firefighters and camera men on contact. At its highest range, it would have caused their internal organs to boil instantly inside their bodies, and explode. Neither occured. They simply complained about how dark it was.

No heat, no pyroclastic flow. Its in the name itself...'pyro' meaning fire.

A pyroclastic flow isn't driven by heat, but gravity. We need neither heat, nor explosives to produce a dust cloud like the one we saw on 911. All we need is particulate matter of differing densities and gravity..and we have what's called a gravity current. Pyroclastic flows are a type of gravity current (thus the superficial visual similarities),as are certain types of mudslides, undersea currents and avalanches.

Here's a video of an avalanche that (save the color) matches the debris pattern of the dust cloud exactly.


Gravity currents require neither heat, nor explosives. Just particulate matter of differing densities (say pulverized concrete) and gravity (say an 80 story drop). We had both on 911.

As there were no seismic signatures of explosives recorded by any of the seismic sensors in Manhattan, the entire idea of 'controlled explosives' is extremely unlikely.

Pyroclastic flow isn't a smoking gun....but a red herring.

At Tuesday, January 08, 2008, Blogger Peter said...

Kind of stupid, arguing the semantics of "pyroclastic flow" when the operational definition is so clear. The Towers fell under conditions of extreme heat -- that is clear. Whether the flows were "pyroclastic" in volcanic terms is immaterial -- the video makes its point beautifully.

At Monday, November 17, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Tuesday, February 24, 2009, Blogger V said...

Pyroclastic flows form during volcanic eruptions only. Sure, what is seen in the video -looks- like a pyroclastic flow, but by definition, it is not one.

At Saturday, September 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Monday, May 17, 2010, Blogger dakota1955 said...

I don't think we need PhDs to tell us what happened. Anyone with a high school diploma and even without one can tell when a building's been demolished purposely. Of course those with PhDs might argue this fact. Let them. There are fools born every minute and some of them have PhDs.

At Monday, May 17, 2010, Blogger baiyuantongbei said...

The word pyroclastic is not domain specific. It is not a "volcano term" it is a scientific term that volcanologists have used to describe the character of material ejected from volcanos. The point is that it is a perfectly suitable term to describe what happened on 911. Not to know this only demonstrates scientific illiteracy.

At Friday, June 11, 2010, Blogger john said...

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At Saturday, May 14, 2016, Blogger Ironman said...

1. This was NOT a pyroclastic flow. Moronic interpretation, horrible application and mindless use of terms and events you do not understand Five minutes of reading and research tells you this.
2. The core columns were not filled with concrete.
3. "one of the strongest structures ever made" is FUCKING NONSENSE! more mindless assumptions put out as fact
4. The WTC towers DID NOT EXPERIENCE FREEFALL! ! - closer to 1 1/2x freefall, 14 seconds to fall from floor 93 to around 12 in Wtc1 or 77 to 12 in Wtc2.
5. "if this required only one second per floor . . . ." more assumptions with no basis. The speed at which the top sections fell is a factor of gravity, force, resistance - if something slowed the fall, more resistance, the impulse is less, less force, more chance to halt the fall in places like the skylobby floors that were slightly stronger to hold machinery. The fact that the top sections fell through each floor tells you there was massive force, initially about 68,000 tons falling at least 12 feet, hitting floor 92, dismantling it, tossing perimeter columns outward (they can't move inward, there was tons of debris in the way), destroyed the core structure with the mass of flooring, interior content, columns and the upper section core in the middle of the falling 17 floors plus antenna driving through the building, gaining mass as it went.
6. energy transfer??? dust, ? 11+ feet of air in each floor, the floor above falls with 17 floors of mass, the air is compressed, pushed wherever it can go, up?, no, or very little, out windows, down elevator and stair shafts, yes, concrete getting pulverized, YES!, Concrete was lightweight, 60% of the density of concrete used in roads or sidewalks, 4 inches thick, comprising a total of - - - 36 ft of concrete in 110 floors. And you wonder where it went!
7. Massive buildings, huh? 500,000 tons each, 97.25% was FUCKING AIR.
8. The concrete floor offered no vertical strength to resist 68,000 tons of building as it fell. Just bits and dust to add to the falling mass, less what came out the sides.
9. The initial collapse was the extrrior wall being pulled INWARD. Look at the videos. Weakened structure, by impact and heat damage, some floors already missing at impact site across at least 3 or 4 floors, outside walls holding 40% of weight, wall folds inward, not from an explosion, upper block leans in that direction on both towers, falls, splintering the extrrior and interior columns.
One this starts, it cannot be stopped. Not by resistance, not by stronger skylobby floors, not by accumulation of debris.



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